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Choosing a Beam Pattern for Your Off-Road LED Light Bar

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An off-road LED light bar can vastly improve your experience – and your safety – when you venture out onto the trail after dark. It will provide better visibility of the terrain, exposing potential pitfalls and hazards before you come across them, which will not only provide a better experience but enhance your safety as well.

That said, not all off-road LED light bars are entirely one dimensional. That is to say, you don’t necessarily need to choose an LED light bar simply for the benefit of its use as an off-road implement. There are plenty of other good uses for an off-road light bar – provided that you’ve chosen the right pattern.

Consider the Stage Series LED Light Bars available at Diode Dynamics for this example. These light bars are available in a range of sizes, from 6 to 50 inches, and are available in both amber and white. They’re easy to wire and mount to your vehicle (Diode Dynamics sells a number of vehicle-specific mount kits for their lighting solutions) and make use of TIR Optics, or Total Internal Reflection, which direct and focus all of the light output exactly where you need it, delivering a crisper, sharper beam that loses less light to glare and scattering.

Depending on the beam pattern you choose, one of these Stage Series Off-Road LED Light Bars can serve as much more than just an off-road solution. They’re available in two colors – amber and white – and in three different beam patterns to better suit your purposes. Each of these light bars is available in the following beam patterns:

– Flood: The flood pattern of Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series Light Bars uses a specially designed flood optic to produce an optically-even 80Wx50H spread of light, one of the widest and most evenly diffused in the industry. It’s ideal as a worklight, for wide outdoor-area illumination, or while trail-crawling at slow speeds.

– SAE Fog/Wide: The SAE Fog/Wide beam pattern throws a 100Wx8H degree spread of light, perfect for illuminating the road or trail ahead while proceeding at slower speeds, and ideal for less than optimal conditions.

– SAE Driving: The SAW Driving pattern was designed to serve as a supplement to your high beams, and throws a 20Wx8H degree spread of light. This pattern is useful for illuminating an even stretch of road before you, especially while traveling at speed.

In addition to these Stage Series Light Bars, Diode Dynamics also offers a variety of highly utilitarian LED light pods that are available in an equally diverse array of beam patterns, including a spot pattern that is highly useful for lighting up objects far into the distance, and, depending on local ordinances and regulations, might even be a useful marine lighting solution.

You can learn more about each of these products and beam patterns online at, where you can also find high-quality mounting bracket kits, wiring harnesses, and several other auxiliary lighting solutions for off-road vehicles. Visit their website and if you have any questions, contact them at 314-205-3033.

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