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Where to Get an Oil Change in Tucson, AZ

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Whether you’ve been driving for many years and have gone through your fair share of cars or you have just received your license, everyone who operates a car should know a few things about the vehicle they’re driving. You definitely don’t have to know the entire inner workings of your vehicle or anything crazy like that, but knowing the basics of your car can put you in a good position if something were to go wrong while on the road.

Having some prior knowledge about your car if something were to go awry will save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run. Everyone knows that cars will need some maintenance at the least every single year, around the time it goes in for inspection. Usually, if you are keeping good care of your car and getting routine maintenance, there will be no major issues.

However, there is one type of maintenance that you will always need to keep an eye on, especially if you drive long distances or have a higher mileage count on your vehicle. Many car owners should know the importance of making sure your car always has enough oil in the engine. Occasionally, you will even have to go into the auto shop for an oil change.

But what happens when you simply forgo to the routine oil changes? Well, it’s nothing good. Let’s break down what could happen to your car if you don’t change or keep up with the oil and why so many car technicians stress the importance.

The Importance of an Oil Change
There are an infinite number of reasons as to why keeping up with your car’s oil is a good idea, but here are just a few to give you a better idea.

● Reduces engine wear and build-up.
○ This is probably one of the most important reasons because, without a good engine, your car will likely go down the tubes in a short amount of time. Changing the oil in the engine helps remove excess dirt and grime. Weirdly enough, sludge is another huge problem that can occur in your engine, but routine oil changes completely resolve that problem.

● Engine lubrication
○ Going back to how important oil is for your engine, oil is a great lubricant. Engines produce a lot of heat while your car is on but, it’s a bad thing if your engine OVERheats. With proper lubrication and oil changes, your engine is much less likely to overheat, which can eventually seize your engine, which is never good.

● Provides better gas mileage
○ Many people have to drive long distances for travel or for work. Changing your oil consistently will help maintain your car’s gas mileage, saving you time and money by avoiding frequent trips to the gas station. Waiting too long in between oil changes can negatively affect your car’s gas mileage.

● Your engine will live longer
○ Engines are an expensive thing to replace. If you continuously change your oil when needed, it can seriously extend the life of your engine, allowing you to drive longer with your car without having to pay an arm and a leg for a new engine if needed.

So, as you can see, it’s extremely important to keep an eye on your car’s oil levels. By failing to change the oil in a timely manner, it can prove to have serious and deteriorating effects on the engine and your car as a whole.

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