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4 Types of False Lashes in Lash Extension Kits

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You always want to look your finest and most stunning. What can better help you accomplish that than adding eyelash extensions to further the beauty of your own natural lashes?

Using the powers of lash extension kits is an easy and surefire way to enhance your makeup look. But, it can be difficult to find the right kind of eyelash extensions for you. Some are easier to apply, some are too full or not full enough, others don’t have the right colors, or they don’t stay on– the list goes on and on.

Fortunately, Hollywood Eyes Boutique is here to help. Their offerings of eyelash extension kits are all vegan, luxurious, and dependable. They come in a multitude of designs, colors, lengths, and types. No matter your preference, they’ve got you covered and then some.

What types of false eyelash extensions are available within lash extension kits? Let’s take a look at each type so you can find the best one for you.

1.Strip Lashes
Strip lashes are one of the most classic and traditional false eyelashes. These can utilize various materials, such as human hair, mink, plastic, or silk. The most luxurious and highest sought after, however, are those made from 100% mink.

These lashes require glue to stay in place. You would need to apply the glue to each eyelash strip, then adhere it to your natural lashes (not your eyelids!).

2.Individual Flare Lashes
Instead of applying all your lashes at once, you can do it one lash at a time. This allows you to perfect your look by filling in the sparse areas of even adding extra volume by layering them. These are typically used by makeup artists and those who want the most control over their lashes to create a more natural look for long-term wear.

3.Individual Single Lashes
If you already have long eyelashes but want to only bolden your daily look and/or spruce up some spaces, then these are the eyelashes for you. Utilize glue on each individual lash and apply it to your other natural lashes to accomplish the fuller lash lift that you’re after.

4.Magnetic Eyelash Kits
These take the glamorous nature of traditional eyelash kits and take their convenience to the next level. These lashes don’t require any traditional or bothersome glue to apply. In just thirty seconds, you can apply these to your eyelids and be out the door! Simply utilize the power of magnets that line each eyelash strip, one for the top and one for the bottom.

The best way to accomplish this stunning look for an even longer-lasting effect is by applying mascara to your natural lashes, then strategically placing the magnetic lashes along your eyelash hairlines. And voila! Vivacity is reached in no time.

Selecting the right lash extension kits depends on both your preference and budget. No matter what either of these may be, can supply. Their new magnetic lashes in particular are stunning, waterproof, and flawlessly provide you with that Hollywood look!

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