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Choosing an Online Beauty Supply Store: What to Look for

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You may be looking for a new nail dipping gel, or you may be looking for a new strategic partner to keep your salon outfitted with the beauty products and accessories you need to deliver the service you do.

Either way, working with a trusted online beauty supply store can be the difference between a stockout and excellent customer service that spreads the value of your brand.

Don’t just settle for convenience. Choose the best online beauty supply store you can – partner for strategic growth, partner with La Espanola Beauty Supply – here’s what you should look for and why.

A Wealth of Brands: Quality Brands, Professional Products
First and foremost, work with the partner that has the brands and products you need to keep your customers happy. La Espanola Beauty Supply provides a comprehensive range of beauty products including but not limited to cosmetics and makeup, manicure and pedicure products, hair care products, and even electrical equipment that salons need to keep running smoothly.

They also carry a number of highly regarded professional brands. Some of their top brands include Cuccio, Annie, Satin Smooth, Kerachroma, NutriCell, Wahl, Alcantara, Matrix, and Pro Dip, although they offer countless others. When it comes to selection, La Espanola Beauty Supply has the market covered!

Great Prices
Your salon needs to provide a competitive edge, which comes at a price – but let’s face it, the more you can save, the more you can pass savings along to your customers. Even though no one likes to talk about competing on price, you want to get the best deals you can on the products and equipment your salon relies on – and La Espanola can help with that too.

Don’t pay more than you need to – save on top brands or discover new brands in their online beauty supply store.

Service to the Customer
Now let’s talk about service to the customer. It is this alone that constitutes the key differentiation between a quality online beauty supply store and one that just sells to sell.

La Espanola Beauty Supply can offer you quite a bit of unique value on this front – in more than one way.

● Virtual Service
First, there’s the value of virtual service. Many of La Espanola’s customers are not able to visit their brick and mortar stores – which is fine, and that is the nature of eCommerce, but it does have an impact on the customer experience.

No worries to patrons of La Espanola. Visit their website and you’ll immediately be greeted by a real-life cosmetologist via live chat. Let them know how they can help and they’ll be right at your service. It’s the ultimate, “Hello, how may I help you,” of online shopping.

Moreover, they feature online seminars for their clients, and customers are even encouraged to submit a digital photo for a free beauty consultation.

● In-Person Service
For local customers that can visit La Espanola in one of their stores in Puerto Rico, they can even offer more value. Their shops offer the value of seminars for the benefit of their customers, and just as they do online, are knowledgeable, experienced, and eager to help.

Sometimes, there’s just no good substitute for quality in-person service, which La Espanola provides – but they offer excellent in-person and online service nonetheless.

Is It Time for a New Online Beauty Supply Store?
Ready to partner with an online beauty supply store that can position your salon for success or expose you to new, useful brands and products? Visit La Espanola Beauty Supply online at and make a change for the better – they’ll be ready to help you!

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