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Finding the Right Plus Size Maternity Bra Online

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It’s crucial for you and your baby that you feel at ease during your pregnancy and nursing, regardless of your body type. That’s especially true for pregnant ladies who need extra-large, specialty maternity bras.

Curious as to which plus size maternity bra will work best for you? Whether you need help determining your current bra size or are searching for the most supportive plus size maternity bras, we’ve got you covered.

Tips for Buying a Maternity Bra if You Are a Plus Size
An influx of hormones, a growing belly, swollen breasts, and other changes during pregnancy are all part of the process, as your body adapts to the baby. Your breasts will become larger as they get ready to produce milk, which can make fitting into your regular everyday bras uncomfortable and even impossible.

Women with bigger breasts need as much support as possible because pregnancy can make them swell up more and make them feel more uncomfortable, which can add to the difficulty of navigating the latter months of pregnancy.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every pregnant woman goes through the same kinds of changes. Some mothers may feel changes quickly in the first three months, while others may feel changes more slowly. But between the sixth and thirteenth week of their pregnancy, most women will need to look for alternatives to the bras they are used to wearing.

How To Find Your Perfect Fit

Determine Your Band Size
Before taking any measurements, make sure you’re wearing a wireless bra without padding. By doing so, you can determine your true band size.

Taking a precise band measurement is important to make sure your maternity bra fits well and is not too tight or loose.

The band size is the measurement that goes around your ribcage as the band of your bra should sit directly under your bust. When getting this measurement, make sure it’s snug and you measure parallel to the floor. Round up to the nearest whole number. When you first buy a maternity bra, it should fit in the tightest hook, so you can loosen it as your breasts grow.

Determine the Cup Size
Now that you have determined the right band size, knowing your cup size is almost as important. It’s not a good idea to wear a too tight or loose, unsupportive bra while pregnant because your breasts may be extremely sensitive.

To find out your cup size, start from the back and move the tape measure forward until it rests on the fullest part of your chest with some room to spare. Take a second look in the mirror to ensure the measuring tape is laying flat and under your arms.

Then you can refer to this bra size calculator, to determine your cup size. Just note, that measuring your band and cup size is not an exact science but just a starting point to figure out your correct size.

Buy Plus Size Maternity Bras Online
It’s crucial for you and your baby’s health that you feel confident and at ease in your body during pregnancy and nursing, and this is true no matter what size or shape you are. Those who require additional support during pregnancy and beyond should take note.

Make sure the bra you choose is comfortable and gives you maximum support for your daily activities. The bra that fits flawlessly is ultimately the greatest bra. For the best selection of plus size maternity bras, check out Anita’s wide variety of Maternity and Nursing Bras right now.

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