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How Y et Beaute Lipsticks Can Start Your Day On the Right Note

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Makeup is known to be transformative, allowing people to put their creativity and skills to the test, creating works of art using our faces as the canvas. But for most of us, makeup is transformative in a different way.

Most of us are not entering competitions, showing off our artistic talents when we wear makeup. We normally wear it going to work, running errands, or heading somewhere special.

Although we are not pushing the limits of creativity, we still wear makeup and enjoy it on any given day. That’s because makeup is not only visually transformative, but mentally as well. It can change your attitude and outlook for the day early in the morning before you even leave the house.

The single item of makeup that encapsulates this idea the best has got to be lipstick. It is the most recognizable and iconic piece of makeup in the world and is often used as a symbol of makeup in general. It can have a great impact on the way you feel picking it out, wearing it, and taking the time to reapply if you feel the need. Suffice to say, lipstick can influence the way we start or end the day.

The clean beauty brand Y et Beaute understands this perfectly well and embraces this idea in their collection of beauty products. They’re most well known for their range of bullet lipsticks, made in Italy using organic oils to create a smooth, moisturizing feel on the lips. Y et Beaute understands and appreciates the power of lipstick and what it can do for the average makeup user. Just to make the point clear, let’s go further into detail on what exactly makes lipstick so transformative and meaningful for the average person.

Brightens Your Mood
Lipstick can change the way you feel by elevating the way you look in a fairly simple way. It doesn’t feel so over-the-top, but instead makes you feel like yourself with a little bit of color on the lips. Sometimes we just need something to brighten our spirits and a pretty lipstick in a color we like can do just the trick.

Creates a Look
Lipstick works really well when it takes the lead in a look or when it acts as support. You can keep your makeup very simple and use the lipstick for a little pop of color, or you can complete a more dramatic look with the right lip color. Either way, it brings the look together as the perfect finishing touch.

Change up the way you see cosmetics and makeup. Pick out a new lipstick and start wearing it more often than you normally would, with or without a full face done. You just might find it makes a bit of a difference in the way you feel and see yourself throughout the day. The Y et Beaute lipsticks are beautiful, creamy, and come in some beautiful wearable colors, so be sure to check them out. You can find a whole range on, so hop over and pick out your favorite shade of this natural formula.

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