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What to Consider When Choosing Your Laxative for Constipation

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While you may have to deal with your constipation, you might feel like navigating through rough waters as the entire episode might feel frustrating and uncomfortable. However, there is no reason to feel stuck as the best laxatives for constipation can come to your aid and provide you the much needed relief. For constipation, laxatives are the lifeline as they can ease the blockage and restore the regularity your digestive system is accustomed to. However, the plethora of options with regard to laxatives for constipation makes it difficult for you to choose the right one for your needs and situation. So, here is an article explaining what to consider when choosing your laxative for constipation.

Type of Constipation

First, remember that not all constipations are created equal. To narrow down your options, you must first ascertain the type of constipation you’re experiencing. Understand if it is an occasional or chronic one. Also figure out if your constipation is a standalone symptom or accompanies other symptoms like abdominal pain or bloating. Rightly identifying the nature of your constipation will make it easy to choose a laxative that can effectively address your specific needs.

Laxative Types

Laxatives come in different forms and each of them has its own mechanism of action. Stimulant laxatives are known to stimulate the intestinal muscles to promote contraction. Osmotic laxatives draw water into the colon in order to soften stool. Bulk-forming laxatives work by adding bulk to stool. Lastly, lubricant laxatives coat the intestines to make it easy for the stool to pass through easily. While choosing from the list of laxatives for constipation, you must pick the one that matches with your preferences and needs.

Severity and Urgency

The severity and urgency of your constipation is one of the most important deciding factors while choosing the right laxative for your constipation. For instance, a stimulant laxative may be the right choice while you have to deal with occasional constipation and find quick relief. If you experience chronic constipation or look for a gentler option, osmotic or bulk-forming laxatives might work effectively. Therefore, your choice of the best laxatives for constipation must follow an expert assessment.

Safety and Side Effects

When they are used as directed, laxatives are usually safe. However, any misuse and overuse can cause side effects. For instance, stimulant laxatives might also lead to cramping and diarrhea, while osmotic laxatives may bring about bloating and gas. So, you must be aware of the potential side effects connected with the different types of laxatives so that you can use them judiciously and avoid any possible risks.

Take Away

Choosing the right laxative for constipation must follow a careful consideration of many factors like the type of constipation, laxative types, severity and urgency of symptoms, and safety and side effects. Understanding your needs and consulting with your healthcare provider when necessary are the key to choosing the best laxatives for constipation, which you must do diligently to get the best results and avoid any side effects.

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