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3 Best Baseball Fielding Gloves in 2021

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When you are on the diamond, you need to be prepared for anything and everything coming your way. Whether you are the catcher, pitcher, first baseman, or right fielder, you need to be ready for any hit and every throw.

However, how can you seamlessly play defense if your glove isn’t comfortable, durable, or dependable in any regard? Simply put: you can’t. And that will be a huge problem for not only you but also your entire team.

That is precisely why we have compiled a list of the best fielding gloves for baseball players in 2021. You need to know which gloves are the most popular and dependable so you can focus more on your defense and less on your glove!

1. Wilson A2000 Series
The A2000 series from Wilson is one of the best in the game– and has been for decades. Since its inception in 1957, this particular glove has been used by baseball players of all levels. Professional players still wield them, such as Robinson Cano and Clayton Kershaw. This innovative glove changed the defensive game of baseball and it’s really no wonder as to why.

This fielding glove prioritizes durability and comfort, two of the most important aspects of fielding gloves. The pro stock leather provides the gloves with unparalleled softness, durability, and feel. The dual welting that’s integrated into the lining further assists in creating its durability as well.

The flat-finger binding provides the player with optimal control, as it allows for the option of having one finger outside the glove for those who prefer that. This glove is truly beloved by all and one you won’t soon regret getting and using yourself!

2. Wilson A2K Series
Wilson makes the top of our list once again, only this time with the A2K Series gloves. These gloves also use pro-stock leather for optimal comfort and feel. This particular leather makes the break-in period far better and easier as well.

These particular gloves also have a double palm construction, which furthers your ball and glove control while also providing you with a durable palm. The pocket also keeps its shape for an exceptionally long time, providing you the longevity and dependability in your glove that you’ve always wanted.

3. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series
We would be remiss to write about the best fielding gloves in baseball and leave out Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide Series! These gloves are constructed using the top 5% of cowhides, which means they are some of the smoothest, sturdiest, and softest gloves available.

These gloves strive for optimal comfort and hit the nail right on the head. With their Thermoformed Wrist Lining, your hand and wrist are provided with ultimate breathability and airflow. Your hand, your defensive game, and your team will thank you for using this glove.

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