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3 Easy Ideas for Glitter Under Eye Makeup

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It’s time we have fun with our makeup and take advantage of an underutilized part of our eye makeup: the under eye area. Here are a few easy ways to apply fun glitter under eye makeup to your skillset.

Pop of Color & Shine
Adding a little sparkle to your eye look is a great way to immediately elevate it and make it stand out so much more. It could be as simple as a quick swipe of a single product to your eyes and just like that, your eye makeup goes from being pretty but simple to attention-grabbing and fun. Specifically, when you use glitter under eye makeup, you can see a major transformation in your eyes that makes them seem so much more bright and exciting. Even a small change like that can have a huge impact on the way your eye makeup comes across. This is a great way to do more with your makeup if you are used to mainly doing simple or neutral eye looks. It is an easy way to add something to your eyes by just focusing on your lower lash line. You can keep your eye makeup simple and neutral as you would normally do, then apply some glitter under eye makeup to bring it all together. All the color and shine stays on your lower lash line, which keeps the eye look pretty toned down as a whole, but with a little extra something.

Glitter Tears
For the more adventurous makeup enthusiasts, there are many other ways you can apply your glitter under eye makeup in ways that are creative, fun, and different from what you are already used to doing. One such way is to wear your glitter under eye makeup in a look that resembles sparkling tears. This is quite impactful in person and on camera, so you can turn to this look when you want to take pictures of your makeup or go out somewhere special like a concert or party. As bold as it is, it is deceptively simple to create. You can just dab on some glitter eyeliner across your lower lashes and bring that down to your cheeks a bit to get the full effect. Drag out some individual lines to resemble tear streaks and you have a complete look that is dramatic, colorful, and full of sparkle.

Two Tone Effect
The last look that we will recommend here is a two tone, glittery eye look that takes advantage of the upper and lower lash lines perfectly. With this style, you can add some color and flair to your makeup easily. All you have to do is apply glitter eyeshadow to your eyelid in one distinct color, then apply another glitter eyeshadow in a different color to the under eye area. It is another look that takes no time to execute, but it packs a punch when you look at it as a final product. Your eyes will sparkle and shine with two fun, contrasting colors. This glitter under eye makeup is great for nights when you just want to shine in any way possible. Both the color and glitter come together perfectly to create a wild eyeshadow look that reads well in person or in your photos.

When you look at all of these makeup ideas as a whole, you see makeup that is fun, colorful, and full of shine. These are great ideas for playing around with your makeup, creating new styles, and experimenting with looks that you do not normally do. A good way to get started is by picking up all of the glitter eye makeup you might need from hollywoodeyesboutique.com and learning more about what you can do with each product. At the end of the day, it all washes off, so play around with your makeup and have fun.

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