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3 Great Upgrades to Pair with a Lower Parts Kit for a Glock 17

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Interested in making a Glock-style handgun from a lower parts kit for a Glock 17?

Doing so will involve you more closely in the shooting sports and furnish you with countless hours of enjoyment and educational recreation.

You’ll also reap endless opportunities to make customizations to firearm performance along the way.

With that said, here are a few upgrades and parts that make a nice pairing with a lower parts kit for a Glock 17-style handgun.

1. A Nitrided Barrel
If your lower parts kit for a Glock 17-style handgun doesn’t come with a barrel and slide, then you’ll need to pick one out.

A nitrided barrel is a great choice (and if you can find it, a threaded one is a great option, too).

Nitrided barrels offer excellent permanent dry lubricity (making them easy to clean) and are extremely hard and corrosion-resistant.

Moreover, if you can find a threaded, nitrided barrel, it’ll be easier for you to add muzzle devices, like compensators and suppressors.

2. An RMR-Ready Slide
Glock iron sights are fine, and some shooters may prefer night sights, but there’s a place for red dot sights and other similar reflex sights.

The thing is, some slides require you to remove the rear sights in order to mount red dot sights. If you get an RMR-ready slide for a Glock 17, it’ll be a lot easier for you to add an RMR with no modifications.

On that note, red dot sights and similar reflex sights enable easier, more accurate shooting, especially in rapid succession.

They’re also free from parallax distortion and don’t require you to line up sights – which makes them valuable in high-stress, low-light situations in which you need to act reflexively.

3. If Outfitting with an MCK, a Barrel Extension
We know what you’re thinking: what’s the point of building a handgun if we’re just going to advocate for a longer barrel, anyway?

Doesn’t that ruin handling?
Not entirely, especially if you’re going to convert your Glock with an MCK.

For shooters that are interested in Micro Conversion Kits, and the accuracy and stability they offer, a Glock-compatible extended barrel is actually an excellent upgrade.

The reason is this: longer barrels deliver higher muzzle velocities and are inherently more accurate than shorter handgun barrels.

So, yes, it will impact handling, but so will the MCK, and even so, power and accuracy will likely benefit.

Where Can You Get a Lower Parts Kit for a Glock 17 Style Handgun?
Looking for a place where you can get a lower parts kit for a Glock 17-style handgun, as well as useful upgrades, Glock parts, and shooting accessories like those mentioned here?

Visit MCS Gearup online via the previous link. They carry a wide range of Glock parts, MCK accessories, and an even wider range of optics and shooting accessories.

And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to find a frame, a jig kit, and a router and bits so you can complete your home-build project.

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