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3 Great Ways to Decorate Bachelorette Party Mason Jars

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The bachelorette party is nearly here! While you’re preparing for the bachelorette party, whether it is yours or someone else’s, you need to properly plan out every moment of it. You need to closely plan events, tours, chill hangouts, food, transportation, drinks, accommodations– everything to make sure all the girls have the best bachelorette party ever!

Bachelorette party favors are more of a necessary part of the preparation than you might think. One prime example of these favors is drinkware. After all, what are you going to drink your alcohol from? The drinkware at the bachelorette party should be cute, bachelorette-themed, affordable, and portable (you obviously need to be able to travel around with these easily!).

In come bachelorette party mason jars. You have two options for these unique, practical, adorable, and easy-to-love favors: decorate your own mason jars or purchase already thoughtfully created bachelorette mason jars. Let’s look at how you can decorate your own mason jars to add a personal touch to your bachelorette party!

1. Sticker Decals
One of the best options for decorating mason jars is to place a cute and festive sticker decal on every one! You have a lot of freedom with this option. You can add sticker decals that say a slew of cute phrases: bride tribe, I do crew, bridesmaid, bride, bachelorette party, maid of honor, and so on.

You could even take it a step further and have sticker decals made that are specifically tailored for each one of the bachelorette party attendees, such as their names, roles in the wedding, and a cute quote they’d love!

2. Tied String with Cute Dangling Tag
If you’d prefer to add something to these mason jars that are a bit less permanent and easier for the girls to reuse in the future, then you could opt for tying a string around the base of the rim with a cute dangling tag attached to it!

This adds an extra cute and creative element to each jar! You can write on the dangling tag yourself, choose from a range of background colors (even have the favorite colors of your girlies or your wedding colors), and so much more. It adds a decorative piece to the mason jars while giving everyone an option to take it off after the bachelorette party and reuse it in the future!

3. Lid and Straw
It should go without saying that every bachelorette party mason jar should come with a lid in order to lessen the chance of spillage of precious, delicious drinks. But, that doesn’t mean you should make everyone constantly untwist the lid to drink from the jar! You should use a lid with a hole in it along with a straw.

These lids are ideal for keeping drinks in the jar while also providing a straw for easy drink access! You can make both the lids and straws cute colors, too. Straws also drastically help in preserving your girls’ lipstick when drinking! You should also opt for metal or plastic straws to be more environmentally friendly and durable for all-weekend drinking!

Buy Pre-Made Bachelorette Mason Jars
If you do not have the time or creative hand to make these kinds of mason jars, then not to worry: there are plenty out there already decorated for you to purchase! However, the best option amongst them all is the bachelorette party mason jars from Samantha Margaret.

These plastic and cost-effective jars are adorably decorated with stunning and high-quality flowers and cute bachelorette phrases, like “bride tribe” and “bride.” They also feature lids with straws and are unbreakable! You can’t go wrong with these favors at your bachelorette party!

If you are looking for other high-quality, low-cost bachelorette and wedding party favors, head on over to Samantha Margaret. They have everything you’re looking for, from cute drinkware to adorable tote bags! Send them an email at [email protected] to have all your questions answered!

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