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3 Ideas for Dramatic Eye Makeup

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With makeup being such an accessible form of artistry you can practice at home, it is easy to play around with your beauty products to create fun, dramatic eye makeup looks. Here are a few ideas for dramatic makeup you can try yourself to play with more bold styles.

Graphic Eyeliner
There is a lot you can do with eyeliner to create a bold, dramatic eye makeup look. If you are mainly familiar with doing winged liner, you can start off creating a thick cat eye that is a more sultry take on a classic look. From there on, you can play around with your eyeliner, trying out different styles of graphic looks. For inspiration, you can look online and see some of the beautiful linework others have been creating and posting online. There are plenty of designs that are much easier to execute than they initially seem, so you could easily create some stunning eye looks that leave people in awe. Perhaps the best part is that you can create so many different types of looks all with one product: a liquid eyeliner pen. Once you learn to manipulate this one beauty product, you set yourself up for lots of simple or dramatic eye makeup looks.

Glitter Eyes
Adding glitter to your eyes is an easy way to immediately create a dramatic eye makeup look that will catch people’s attention as easily as it catches the light. Glitter is great at transforming a simple eye look into something more daring and stylized. It is also very easy to apply because glitter eyeshadows tend to be very creamy and go on very smoothly. You can apply them with your finger for maximum payoff and just blend around the edges. For a more precise control over glitter, you can use a glitter liquid liner and create some clean lines of glitter across the lash line or over the lid space. You use it the same way you would any other liquid eyeliner, only you are laying down a line of sparkling glitter instead of a solid color.

Neon Eyeshadow
For dramatic eye makeup that is super impactful and packs a punch, you should consider wearing some neon eyeshadow. Neon colors overall are bright, fun, and bold. They really command attention and because of that, are great at making dramatic eye looks without much effort. The neon color can do most of the work for you, so you do not have to play with it too much to see the vibrant eye look you want. There are different ways you can go about it but even with just a bright neon eyeshadow all over the lid or under the lower lash line, you can create a very dramatic, editorial look. Let the bright eyeshadow do the work for you in creating these bright eye looks.

For any of the beauty products listed above, you can visit and pick up all the items you need to create your own dramatic eye makeup looks for parties or pictures. Once you have the products you need, the rest comes down to your own creativity.

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