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3 of the Fluffiest Fur Coats For Winter Weather

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Is there really any better feeling than when you wrap yourself in a fluffy fur coat on a frigid winter day or night? It’s a feeling that is unequivocal. You feel insulated, safe, and cozy– exactly what you want out of a coat. Not only do you feel good, but you look good, too!

One of the best places to get a high-quality fur coat that will undoubtedly evoke such loving feelings is Maximilian. At Maximilian, they pride themselves on providing all of their customers with real fur coats, jackets, and other such garments. Not only are they real, but they’re undeniably stylish and comfortable.

When you are looking for a fluffy fur coat, you want the best and, quite honestly, the fluffiest! Let’s look at the three most fluffiest and warmest fur coats Maximilian has to offer.

1.Real Chinchilla Coat
Chinchilla is well-known for the reputable qualities it brings to a fur garment. This type of fur is extremely soft, yet also short enough to be fluffy but not overbearing. Chinchillas grow around 60 hairs in each follicle, which creates their smooth and cushy fur.

A chinchilla coat like this one from Maximilian offers its wearers an incomparable sleek look while keeping them warm and comfortable. This coat in particular is also 32 inches in length, furthering the fluffy and insulating characteristics of this unique coat.

2.Horizontal Mink Coat
This horizontal mink coat from Maximilian is another fashion masterpiece. It’s a stunning blue jean color, making this coat look even more sheen than the mink fur naturally does. Mink fur is an American favorite to put into clothing items because the mink has a shiny, soft, and dense undercoat, which is perfect for any clothing item.

It is sleek in look, but feels extremely soft and feels fluffy on your skin. Plus, it is 33 inches in length for an all-around warmth and comfort. This coat keeps you feeling warm and cozy, even on the coldest of evenings. As an added bonus, it even has a large fluffy hood, which adds an extra fashion statement.

3.Chevron Sable Coat
When looking for a fluffy fur coat, going for something with sable in it is always a safe bet. But this chevron sable coat is completely made of sable, furthering its natural beauty, silky texture, and insulation for its wearer.

It’s also 37 inches in length, which means nearly your entire body gets to be wrapped up in this luxurious coat. However, because sable fur is naturally lightweight, it won’t feel like you’re carrying around a weighted blanket on your shoulders. Due to the stunning tortora color throughout this elegant coat, it not only feels great on you, but makes you look great, too.

When in search of a fluffy fur coat, you should seriously consider the offerings by Maximilian. They are experts in real fur and only supply their customers with the absolute best fur garments, from coats to pull-through scarves. Be sure to fill out their contact form to ask any questions you may have so they can help you find the perfect fur coat for you!

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