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3 Options for Handheld Metal Bending Tools

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As someone who plans to work often with sheet metal for various projects, you want to know right away what are the best options for working with this material. You want to know what are the most ideal metal bending tools that you can use for a wide range of tasks and what each one is ideal for. You might have already crossed sheet metal brakes off of your list because of how cumbersome and inconvenient they are. While brakes are highly effective at bending different types and gauges of metal, they are also difficult to use under many circumstances given how large and immoble they are. You cannot carry them with you around a job site or work with them in confined spaces, so they certainly have their limits. But when it comes to handheld metal bending tools, you still have some great options available that will allow you to work with sheet metal regularly without being inconvenienced in the slightest. In fact, you could have all of these tools in your kit and most likely be covered for your all needs, even if you work with sheet metal often. Let’s take a look at each of these three options for metal bending tools and what they specialize in, so you can select the ones you will need for future projects.

1. Handheld Roll Benders
Roll benders are great, well-rounded metal bending tools that will work for a wide range of tasks you might face. They are relatively lightweight tools that are easy to carry around with you on the job site as you jump between tasks. You might consider this your most reliable metal bender because of how versatile it is, working on a considerable range of metals. If you work with sheet metal often, this is definitely one to consider.

2. Hand Seamers & Pliers
Hand seamers and pliers are similar in how they perform and what you would use them for. They are well-suited for more precise tasks in sheet metal when you would want more carefully defined bends in your metal. These tools are much more suited for small bends at precise angles when you do not have to work with too much metal. They definitely come in handy when you need to create smaller bends, but because of their size, are not as versatile as roll benders are.

3. Hammers
Hammers are very different from the previously mentioned tools. They are really meant for forming metal, rather than creating exact bends. They can help you get the general shape you want pretty quickly and efficiently without scuffing or scarring the metal as long as you find non-marring heads made of rubber or PVC.

If you think you know what type of metal bending tool you need for your line of work, you will want to start looking for businesses that sell high-quality, reliable hand tools that will last you a long time. A great place to check out for equipment is stortz.com. They are known for offering only high-quality, durable tools that get the job done, so you can be confident with anything you purchase from them. Just take your time exploring their selection of metal bending tools, and see what stands out to you as the bending tool you have been looking for.

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