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3 Small Upgrades That Can Make Your Home Feel Cozier

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The cozier your home is, the warmer and more welcoming it’ll feel for your family, as well as for any guests who might happen to drop by. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either–a few small touches here and thoughtful additions there can make your home feel like the comfortable haven that it should be. Here are a few ideas:

Invest in a porch swing bed
Homeowners typically view their porches as an afterthought, instead focusing all of their efforts on the interiors of their houses. There’s a missed opportunity here, because the porch can be an extremely valuable extension of your home when furnished and decorated properly.

A porch swing bed adds seating and lounging to your porch, whether it’s warm outside or cold. Porch swing beds, for sale on Four Oak Bed Swings, are both attractive and functional: they can be wide enough to seat multiple guests and can be outfitted with functional accessories and add-ons such as a tabletop attachment or a wine glass holder. View Four Oak Bed Swings’ collection of porch swing beds for sale today by visiting their website now.

Their best-selling Avalon Bed Swing is a study in country chic bliss. Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, you can get it in southern yellow pine, western red cedar, or cypress. To make the swing bed feel even cozier and create an even more relaxing vibe, you can add on Sunbrella outdoor cushions–also available on Four Oak Bed Swings. These cushions are fade-proof, water- and UV-resistant, and are easy to clean and care for.

Add warmth with rugs
When it comes to making a home feel cozier, most people tend to forget what’s happening under their feet. If you’ve already piled your bed and couches high with pillows and rich fabrics, why not extend that same effort underfoot? Nothing beats a huge plush area rug when it comes to comfort you can feel.

If a large rug doesn’t fit your particular aesthetic or budget, you can still add warmth to a room by layering smaller rugs on top of each other. Doing so doesn’t just make a room feel warmer; it adds texture and visual interest as well. Consider pairing a neutral-colored, richly-textured rug with a flat weave-style rug in an eye-catching pattern and place them in the center of rooms that you feel need an extra snuggly touch.

Light a candle (or two)
Scented candles give off a warm and gentle light that can make any space feel more intimate. Additionally, they add scent to any room they’re lit in, which can instantly elevate your mood.

Evoke the coziness of the colder months by lighting candles scented with fall and winter smells, such as cranberry, pumpkin spice, cedarwood, gingerbread, chocolate, and vanilla. In your bedroom, you may want to incorporate lavender for a more relaxing night’s rest, or jasmine and rose to ignite romance. Scented candles also do well in the kitchen: you can get rid of unpleasant smells by lighting candles scented with citrus fruits such as orange or lemon.

Few things feel more comfortable and indulgent than spending a quiet evening out on the porch with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate. Why not elevate the experience and invest in a porch swing bed from Four Oak Bed Swings today for maximum lounging? Four Oak Bed Swings has been the bed swing supplier of choice for many athletes and celebrities, and their products have been featured numerous times on HGTV. View their collection of bed swings here and purchase your very own today!

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