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3 Ways to Increase Your Bat Swing Speed

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Is there really any better feeling than when you contact the ball perfectly with your bat, sending it soaring to some far-off distance, and you are left in its wake to circle the bases? It’s truly an incomparable experience that all baseball and softball players are always aspiring to obtain.

However, there are several aspects that can cause you to whiff instead of driving that ball far, far away. Whiffing is when you do not contact the ball with your bat, which can be really upsetting in those drive-or-die situations. Whiffing can be caused by a number of issues, such as your hands slipping, poor coordination, poor eyesight, misjudgment of the pitch, distractions, and even the weather and environment.

Another factor that can play a large role in your whiffing is your bat swing speed. When you are swinging too slow, you are far more likely to miss the ball, especially when you are playing fastpitch. In fastpitch softball or baseball, there is no room for slow swings.

If you have noticed that your swing is slower than it should be, there are several measures you can take to increase your swing speed and, ultimately, your batting average. Let’s look at just three steps you can take to improve your swing speed.

1. Practice Swinging with a Baseball/Softball Doughnut
It’s easy to blame the weight of your baseball or softball bat when you have a slow swing. If it is indeed too heavy for your personal size, that’s another story (which we will get to soon). But, for now, let’s assume your bat is indeed the right length and weight for you. Then guess what? It’s not the bat.

In order to improve your swing speed, you can practice swinging your bat often with a bat doughnut. This item slides over the barrel of your bat, adding a bit of extra weight to it. You can then practice swinging with this added weight.

Doing this in practice is certainly recommended, but it is especially recommended when you are warming up to bat. Before heading into the batter’s box, take off the doughnut, and prepare yourself for the added power and swing speed you will now have.

2. Use a Bat Speed Trainer
Using a bat speed trainer can certainly increase your swing speed, among many other advantages. This unique piece of equipment looks similar to a wooden bat but is more than just that. There is a seemingly odd bump right above the handle, which has an added weight to it.

This is an outstanding piece of training equipment for several reasons. First, it increases your swing speed and your power because you will become used to that weight, then swing your actual bat more quickly and efficiently. Second, it also improves your overall swing.

If you are looking to improve your entire swing and not only your swing speed, then this is the best option for you. The bat speed trainer improves your muscle memory so that, when you do swing your bat, you will instead be driving your hands to the ball, which is the desired effect.

This motion is key to a successful swing, which can be difficult to nail down for many players. However, with the bat speed trainer, that mission can be more easily achieved.

3. Purchase an Appropriately-Sized Bat
Some players may not realize it, but they may have a bat that is too long, too short, too heavy, or too light. Make sure that your bat is all of the correct measurements in accordance with your size, shape, and strength. If it isn’t, you might just need to purchase a new more appropriately-sized bat.

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