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3D Cone Beam Dental and Improved Orthodontic Care Why a Cone Beam System Can Benefit Your Practice and Your Patients

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Dental cone beam computed tomography or dental CBCT, provides both orthodontists and their patients with a wide range of benefits, including better diagnostic abilities, more efficient practice workflows, and improved treatment results. These improvements can not only enhance your quality of patient care but also your capabilities as an orthodontist.

Expanding the technology of your orthodontic practice with a dental cone beam system can help improve your overall imaging efficiency and make it more attainable for you to get closer to the “anatomical truth.” Most orthodontic practices capture both a panoramic X-ray and a cephalometric X-ray as part of initial patient records and follow-up exams. Capturing multiple images for every patient is time-consuming, introduces the risk of patient movement and image retakes, and exposes the patient to additional radiation. Some large field of view (FOV) dental CBCT systems such as the i-CAT Next Generation and i-CAT FLX V17 allow you to capture all patient diagnostic X-ray records in just a few seconds and in just one scan, saving you and your patients time and significantly boosting the efficiency of your practice.

The ability to capture images of the entire maxillofacial region in a single scan can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of your diagnoses, enhance the quality of your treatment and promote better treatment outcomes. The ability to confidently review and convey their orthodontic conditions to your patients (and their parents) will help support their peace of mind and cultivate trust in you and your orthodontic practice.

The use of 3D cone beam dental technology can also expand your abilities to more effectively analyze and diagnose anatomical relationships; skeletal symmetry; impacted, unerupted or supernumerary teeth; airway analyses; orthognathic surgery; TMJ conditions, and more. Dental CBCT can also help orthodontists with planning treatment and monitoring progress by enabling true 1:1 imaging and treatment planning in three dimensions, placing temporary anchorage devices (TADs), estimating spacing needed for impacted or unerupted teeth, planning for surgery, constructing appliances and much, much more.

Another advantage of 3D cone beam dental technology is its ability to restrict radiation exposure to the region of interest. As exposure to radiation is a prime concern among many patients, giving you the ability as their orthodontist to reassure them that your dental imaging technology delivers all the images they need in a single scan or that you and your staff are using your combination digital panoramic, cephalometric, and dental CBCT system according to the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle. It’s also important to note to concerned patients that there is a significant difference in the radiation dose associated with an average medical CT scan and a dental cone beam scan and that a dental cone beam CT exam uses far less radiation.

Overall, the accuracy and efficiency provided by dental CBCT systems can significantly improve your ability to deliver predictable, measurable, and effective outcomes for your patients, saving your practice both time and money, and improving patient satisfaction.

Finding Affordable 3D Cone Beam Dental Imaging Systems
While some dentists and orthodontists may have deferred the purchase of a dental CBCT system due to their significant initial investment, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can find affordable 3D cone beam systems from premier manufacturers at Renew Digital, the leader in delivering certified pre-owned panoramic X-ray machines and dental CBCT systems to dental and dental specialty practices for over a decade, can save most of their customers anywhere between 30% and 50% off the list price of new dental CBCT systems.

Renew Digital is proud to offer the widest range of certified pre-owned dental CBCT systems from industry leaders such as i-CAT, Carestream Dental, Gendex, Instrumentarium, KaVo, Sirona, Planmeca, Vatech and more. All their used dental cone beam systems are meticulously checked against manufacturers’ specifications and are updated with the latest 3D imaging software, so their pre-owned dental CBCT machines are sold in “like new” condition. The price of the purchase also covers installation, training for you and your staff, and a comprehensive warranty that includes all replacement parts and onsite labor.

To learn more about how they can save your practice up to 50% off new list prices with a certified pre-owned dental CBCT system, visit today, contact them online, or call 888-246-5611.

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