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4 Benefits of Buying a Wood Convertible Crib

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With a newborn child on the way, you have to make everything in the nursery just right so that it will have a safe, comfortable place to go home to. A major aspect of this is the nursery room furniture, the crib in particular, where your child will lie down to rest every night. When you are shopping for baby cribs, you might want to consider getting a wood convertible crib for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of buying this type of baby crib.

1. Make Fewer Purchases
Buying a wood convertible crib gives you the convenience of being able to buy fewer pieces of nursery furniture throughout the years. When you have a single crib that converts to a toddler bed, you can get away with not having to purchase another bed once your newborn gets a little bit older. Then again later, as your child grows, the very same convertible crib that you purchased converts to a full sized bed so that they can still sleep in it even after years. This is so much more convenient than having to go out and purchase a new style of bed each time your child outgrows the last. Your kids always grow up faster than you think they should, which sends you off looking for new beds more often than you would like. This is the most convenient option for you because you will not have to even think about buying your child a new bed for years, all because you purchased this one wood convertible bed.

2. High-Quality Materials
The reason why it is so smart to choose wood as the material for your crib is because of the quality it provides. Wood is an amazing material to work with when creating furniture and can create some beautiful, long-lasting pieces that you are happy to see in your home for years to come. Solid wood furniture is built to last and will hold up well over time, being less likely to break down or show visible signs of damage. This applies to the furniture in every room in your house, including the nursery. Solid wood furniture is beautiful and well-constructed, definitely a nice addition to the home.

3. Spend Less on Furniture
Since one single crib is doing the work of multiple beds, you will be free and clear from having to buy those separate pieces of furniture. A single wood convertible crib can take the place of multiple beds, saving you the costs of all the beds you would have had to purchase in between. In this way your crib becomes an investment, saving you money in the long run. When you make the right purchase the first time around, you do not have to keep shopping.

4. Less Wasteful Option
If you and your family are concerned about your environmental impact as a household, you will definitely want to invest in high-quality, long-lasting furniture as opposed to lower-quality furniture you will burn through and have to replace frequently. You should stick to pieces like convertible cribs that will address more of your needs and last you much longer so that you can fully appreciate what you have. With great furniture at home, you don’t have to keep shopping around for replacements.

Wood convertible cribs are beautiful pieces of furniture that do a great job of filling a particular need in your home. They are a great cost-effective option, given how long they last and how many types of beds they can act as for your child throughout the years. When you are ready to invest in a crib for your newborn child, consider getting a wood convertible crib that will last. You should look at the ones at kids-n-cribs.com as great examples. They are well-crafted, beautifully designed, and made to last you and your child a long time.

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