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4 Creative Applications for Non-Firing Replica Guns

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From historical displays to live reenactments, there are a few situations in which non-firing replica guns may be more practical than their real counterparts. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where a replica would suit you better than the original but you still needed watertight historical authenticity, you’re in luck. Check out these creative uses for non-firing replica firearms below.

1. Non-firing replica guns are great as props in film and theater
The stage – whether in film or theater – is most certainly a place for accuracy, but it is no place for live-firing. Whether you’re interested in creating a historical documentary, are making a short feature for an online video, or are a participant in community theater, non-firing replica guns can make excellent and accurate props.

There are some producers of replica firearms that are all but indistinguishable from the originals in appearance, weight and function. Some of them may even have fully functional actions and other moving parts which add to the realism. This is one of the best uses for replica firearms, hands down – they make excellent props in film, theater, and elsewhere on video.

2. Use them to create a historical display or complete the look of a collection
Non-firing replica guns, or firearms that have had their firing pins removed or otherwise incapacitated, make excellent components of historical displays, collections and other exihibitions, especially in areas with high traffic. Anytime the general public – or just any group of people besides the firearm’s owner – is invited to interact with or observe a display, there is always an element of caution regarding security. Non-firing replicas are safe for these applications, and, to reiterate, many of them are highly accurate in terms of historical authenticity to their originals.

3. They can potentially be used for training purposes
Not all replica firearms are antiques. Many of them are weighted, balanced and outfitted just as their modern functional counterparts can be. In this respect, replica firearms fill basically the same niche as snap caps, dummy rounds and training pistols. They can be used for training purposes, to develop familiarity with the works and action of a firearm, or even for safe handling. In some instances, replica firearms might even be suitable for the practice of martial arts or for ceremonial displays, in which it would be considered hazardous to use the original.

4. Historical reenactments wherein intact firearms may be prohibited
There are some historical reenactments where firearms are not prohibited, and some of them may even feature live-fire drills or displays (or even blank firing, if the former are not permitted). However, in any instances in which intact firearms are not prohibited, a non-firing replica gun may be a suitable alternative. It will allow you to retain the historical authenticity of an outfit, including the arms, without violating any codes or regulations.

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