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4 Inspiring Pieces of French Style Bedroom Furniture

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When you are striving for a particular aesthetic in a specific room or in your entire home, it can be difficult to find the perfect pieces to accomplish your goal. There is a multitude of styles and pieces that could either sublimely match your desired look or completely contrast it.

That is where Eloquence comes in. They have some of the most elegant and stunning pieces of furniture of varying styles to match nearly anyone’s preferences and tastes. Regardless of their products’ styles, all are high-quality pieces and can perfectly adorn any room they are placed in.

Just some of their beautiful offerings that we’d like to place in the spotlight here are their French-style bedroom furniture. This style of furniture is intrinsic to nearly any bedroom, but let’s have a look at four inspiring pieces of bedroom furniture that have a french style to properly highlight their enamoring qualities.

1. Clementine Nightstand in Weathered White Finish
Having a nightstand that is of French style will properly illuminate your bed while also being subtle and warm. The look of this Clementine nightstand is clean, exquisite, and even feminine. It has two deep drawers, each of which has two intricate and sturdy handles. Meanwhile, the legs are tapered and easy to love.

The weathered white finish piece creates a subtle yet lightened presence in nearly any bedroom. The piece overall has meticulous attention to detail, such as its carvings and serpentine lines. It’s of the classic French Louis XV style and bound to complement any bedroom sublimely.

2. Bronte Dresser
Having a place for optimal storage while offering your bedroom a unique grandeur is always an excellent idea. This goal can easily be achieved with the Bronte dresser, whether it’s finished with fleur de lis or weathered white.

This six-drawer dresser is a replica of a French antique wedding commode and offers stunning hand-carved floral motifs. These motifs are a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. It has a weathered look that is easily enamoring and its beauty can be admired by anybody.

3. Sophia Bed
You simply cannot have a perfectly adorned and quaint bedroom without a French-style bed. Fortunately, the Sophia bed from Eloquence can seamlessly achieve this desire for you. It comes in several color combinations to meet any preference: antique white, gold two-tone, silver two-tone, and shell velvet.

This romantic and gorgeous bed has been hand-crafted by professional artisans who know how to replicate the French Louis XV style. The footboard has a unique cocoon-style curving, but the entire piece exudes elegance, passion, and cleanliness. Not only will this bed perfectly adorn your bedroom and be its ideal centerpiece, but it will also provide comfort when you need it most.

4. Empress Trumeau Mirror
No bedroom is complete without the addition of a stunning mirror. The Empress Trumeau mirror, however, is the best possible bedroom mirror available. Like most mirrors, it assists in opening up your bedroom, offering a place to self-view, and providing more light. But, it is unique in that it is a stunning re-edition of a French period antique.

The frame has been hand-finished with metallic leaves and has an intricately carved woman’s face at the top, which is meant to portray enlightenment and liberty. This gorgeous mirror can perfectly pull any bedroom together as it sits unintimidating on the wall.

Now that you have seen just four inspiring pieces of French-style bedroom furniture, are you ready to find your dream piece to create your dream bedroom? Then browse the many elegant offerings at Eloquence and, if you have any questions or need assistance in finding the perfect piece for you, give them a call at 310-876-0661.

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