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4 Most Popular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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If you are considering growing your own marijuana plant in your residence for personal use, you should first do research on the best seeds to grow. For those looking to grow a plant or plants indoors, then autoflowering cannabis seeds would be your best bet.

Autoflowering seeds grow into plants that don’t require much care from their owner, making them ideal for beginners. These seeds also can grow into plants anywhere between two and four weeks, so you won’t need to wait long for your plants to grow and blossom. This is why autoflowering seeds are some of the most popular amongst the marijuana grower community.

There are a lot of options for autoflowering cannabis seeds, so let’s have a look at the four most popular seeds in this category.

1.Northern Lights Automatic
The Northern Lights Automatic strain is one that any grower should take an interest in. This particular strain almost always provides a bountiful harvest and is well-known for being the most bountiful strain on the market today. Northern Lights is one of the most popular indica strains, but the automatic is a simple twist on the original.

This strain is particularly enticing for medicinal users as well due to its ease to grow, dependable growth and harvest, and mostly indica components. Plus, you can cut the plant and taste your crop after only 9-10 weeks post-germination.

2.Royal Dwarf
If you are looking for a strain that is versatile and easy to grow in almost any environment, then the Royal Dwarf is the strain for you. It has a mild THC level of 13%, but it is enjoyable to nearly everyone as it is a delectable hybrid (10% Sativa, 60% Indica, 30% Ruderalis). This hybrid, when smoked, allows the consumer to experience a body buzz.

These are so easy to grow and maintain, which is what makes this particular strain so enticing for countless growers. You can also try it yourself relatively quickly at just 9-10 weeks after sprouting.

3.Pineapple Express Automatic
One of the most classic strains has automatic seeds at your disposal. Pineapple Express Automatic is a highly sought after strain as it has high yields but the plant is a moderate size. It doesn’t require much attention nor space to flourish.

This delicious strain also allows for a pineapple taste with every hit. It’s also a sativa-dominant strain, which creates a more body high. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so this is definitely ideal for medicinal purposes as well as recreational.

4.Girl Scout Cookies Automatic
Another classic strain of marijuana is Girl Scout Cookies. Its automatic seeds are easy for growing, much like most automatics, but this is particularly inviting because it has a high THC content at 22%. It is 60% indica as well, making for a more head high along with a body high.

For this strain, you really do not have to wait long to see how your crop and its buds handled the grow. You can start to see, then cut your buds after roughly 70 to 75 days. This strain also is popular for its sweet and cookie-like flavor, which is created because of their mix of kushs and minty with fruity flavors.

These are just four out of the many popular autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market right now. For the best delivery of these precious seeds, be sure to explore the many options from Fast Buds. They deliver a variety of marijuana products, from seeds to edibles. No matter what your marijuana delivery needs are, Fast Buds is happy to assist you in improving your marijuana experience.

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