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4 Things You’re Not Doing to Your Mattress (That You Should Be)

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We all have mattresses, right?

Yet not all of us care for them properly.

This article covers 4 things you – or the people handling your mattress, like professional movers – are not doing, which you should be.

Not Rotating It

Nowadays, some mattresses have no-rotate or no-flip warranties, but guess what, it’s still not a good idea not to rotate your mattress.

Mattresses, no matter how good the quality may be, can become compressed or form lumps.

Over time, this will make them less comfortable and less supportive.

You may not need to flip it (and some mattresses should not be flipped), but a simple 180° rotation will change all the pressure points and help prevent it from flattening out.

So, for your mattress’s sake, even if it’s a no-flip mattress, give it a rotation at least twice per year.

You’ll thank yourself, not us.

Not Protecting It Against Moisture

Obviously, you don’t want to spill water or (cough) wine, in bed, but this goes beyond that.

If you sweat in your sleep, over time, that moisture will cause damage and discoloration to your mattress, and yes, unfortunately, it can become a breeding ground for microbes.

For homeowners, the solution can be as simple as protecting your mattress with a mattress cover, protector, or encasement that will help prevent moisture exposure.

And, of course, you should clean your mattress (see below) and wash your bedding frequently.

For professionals, exposure to moisture has a different take. It has to do with moving or storage.

Failure to prepare wholesale plastic mattress bags can be a problem. These protect mattresses against rain and other moisture when moving or in short-term storage.

Movers should be cognizant of the fact that it is easier to keep a mattress clean and dry than it is to actively clean and dry it after it’s been damaged.

Wholesale plastic mattress bags are one of the easiest ways to create a defensive shield around a mattress to prevent moisture ingress – and they’re dirt cheap.

If you’re reading this and responsible for a moving company, make sure you don’t forget to wrap your clients’ mattresses adequately before loading them onto the truck.

Not Moving It Properly (Don’t Bend  or Fold It)

Another note for homeowners and professional movers: mattresses are not meant to be bent or folded.

Some mattresses have steel coils or border rods that help give them form and help them keep it.

Bending or folding your mattress, or even leaning it against a wall, for that matter, can do irreversible damage to the mattress.

Always fully support it when moving and never fold, bend, lean, drag, or slide any mattress.

Not Cleaning It

Last but not least, we have to consider cleaning. And yes, mattresses – not just bedsheets – need to be cleaned.

Even a well-protected mattress can accumulate dust mites and other such unpleasantries. Fortunately, cleaning a mattress doesn’t have to entail too intense of a process.

All you need to do for a quick cleaning is vacuum the mattress. Use an upholstery attachment or a brush to help dislodge dust and whatnot, and pay close attention to areas like seams and buttons. 

How often should you do it? Keep it on the same schedule as your rotation – or at least, clean it once every three months, minimum.

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