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5 Benefits of Going With a Small Pre-Built Gaming PC

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“Tiny but mighty” may as well be the tagline for the small pre-built gaming PC. Now more accessible than ever before, gaming rigs in small form factors are now a viable option for gamers and casual users alike who may not be fond of the usual mid- or full-tower setup. Here’s why they can change your life:

They take up less space
Being much smaller than the standard full-tower or mid-tower build, a small pre-built gaming PC is the ideal option for someone who may not have much space for the aforementioned. They don’t take up a lot of space, which makes them perfect for someone who lives in a dorm, a studio apartment, or anyone spatially-challenged.

They have a sleek, minimalist look
Gamers have had a long-standing reputation for being prone to excess. Take one look at any Serious Gamer™️ and you’ll likely find someone who is willing to spend a lot on the latest and greatest tech and peripherals. They have multiple gigantic monitors, expensive headphones, and cram as much RGB as they can into their system and setup.

Not everyone is a fan of that, too. There are gamers out there who prefer a minimalist look. Some may even want to declutter their surroundings to help them better focus on the things that matter. If that’s the case for you, then a small pre-built gaming PC might just be the ticket.

They’re portable and easy to transport
Any consummate gamer would kill for a system that they can bring everywhere with them. There are few things better than playing your favorite games on the go, after all. A small pre-built gaming PC is perfect for the occasional LAN party, allowing you to play at a friend’s house without having to bring too much. They’re much lighter and easier to carry around.

Being small and light, they’re also easier to move around the house. Say you’ve grown bored or tired of sitting at your desk; just bring your PC over to the television and resume your game, or use it to watch a movie. No back-breaking necessary.

They’re just as powerful as full- and mid-tower PCs
Don’t be fooled by their appearance: small pre-built gaming PCs pack quite the punch. As a matter of fact, they’re just as capable as their bigger and beefier brothers, the mid- and full-tower PCs.

Doubtful? CLX’s small form factor line of gaming PCs, the Scarab, can be configured with a wide variety of chipset options. You can take it to the absolute limit with an Intel Core i9 12900KS or an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. Combined with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090Ti or an AMD Radeon RX6950XT and 128GB of 5200Mhz memory, there isn’t a triple-A title on the planet you won’t be able to take on. What’s more, they offer CLX Quench Closed Loop CPU liquid cooling on these systems, too, so you’ll never have to worry about them overheating.

They offer greater flexibility and upgradability over a gaming laptop
So far, all of the advantages we’ve listed here are also true for gaming laptops. What a small pre-built gaming PC has over that specific category, though, is flexibility and upgradability.

On CLX, you have the ability to choose the components that go into your gaming PC. Everything can be customized, from the processor to the cooling solution. With a gaming laptop, you’re stuck with whatever the manufacturer has chosen for the system.

Similarly, upgrades for a gaming laptop are limited by what the manufacturer allows. In general, you can only swap out the RAM and storage easily. There simply isn’t a path towards upgrading the motherboard, GPU, or the processor.

Ready to buy your first small pre-built gaming PC? Visit CLX today to get started. Simply navigate to their sidebar and choose the Scarab option, or design your own using the CLX Gaming PC builder.

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