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5 Reasons Shooters Love Military Surplus Rifles

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When you think about popular, modern hunting and sporting rifles, your mind will likely instantly wander over models like the Remington 700, the Marlin 336, or the AR-15 (or some other M16 variant). These rifles, which have been popular with generations of hunters and sport shooters.

But not shooters and collectors are interested in what’s new. In fact, some of them are expressly interested in the gems they can find among collections of military surplus rifles. Let’s check out some of the big reasons that military surplus is the preferred method for some shooters to indulge their habits.

1. The fact that you can potentially save a lot of money
Despite the fact that some military surplus rifles are in short supply and hard to find, and whether you’re looking for something like the eternally beloved Mosin-Nagant 91/30 or as popular and (generally) available as an M1 Carbine, there’s a good chance that when you shop surplus deals you will save a lot of money.

There’s a reason these goods (both guns and tin cans) are called military surplus. Either the military had too much, or the producers with whom the military contacted produced too much. In either way, someone has something they need to get rid of, and they can and do pass the savings along to you, the buyer.

2. The exclusivity of the military surplus rifles themselves
There’s also the simple fact that a lot of military surplus rifles have never been satisfactorily reproduced by modern companies. Some models are still only available as surplus, produced by the original manufacturers with which the purchasing entity, government, or military contracted.

That is, you can find another rifle that shoots the .30-06, but an M1 Garand is still an M1 Garand and there’s no replacing it. The same can be said of other legendary service arms like the M1 Carbine, Lee-Enfield, SKS, M1903, 1898 Mauser, and countless others.

3. The feeling like you’re connecting with history
While there are competitors throughout the country that are dedicated to the sporting use of specific service rifles (like the M1 Garand), some collectors are really just interested in owning a real piece of history, perhaps even a piece of equipment that has proven pivotal in turning the tide of world events. That’s the kind of history you can own in the form of some military surplus rifles – and that authenticity is very hard to replicate.

4. The fact that you can (sometimes) get a like-new gun for a song (and one that might be otherwise very difficult to find!)
Some military surplus firearms, including service pistols and military rifles, will not just objectively save you money. There is always the chance that you may stumble upon a historical relic in good condition or even in excellent condition. It’s even possible that you’ll find a rifle that has not only never been issued, but that has never been fired. Granted, the chances are rare, but never zero.

5. The enjoyment of the chase
Finally, buyers of military surplus rifles are fans of the chase. There’s something very exciting about visiting a gun shop or a consignment shop because you never know what’s waiting for you there, and you never will know until you check them out.

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