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5 Steps for the Perfect Skincare Routine

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Skincare is one of the most important parts of your daily routine. It is not only beneficial for keeping your skin looking and appearing younger, but it’s also vital for skin health. After all, your skin is the largest organ in your body! That means that it deserves its own special treatment in order to retain its elasticity, hydration, and much more.

But, as important as this skincare routine can be, it can be so difficult to know what products are the best to use. Which brands are best? In what order do you apply these products to get the most benefits? The questions really know no bounds!

Fortunately, that’s what TruSkin is all about: answering the questions you have about skincare. They have some of the best products available along with experienced knowledge and information on skin health. Never use the incorrect products nor put your skincare products on in the wrong order again!

Now let’s get to addressing one of the biggest concerns in skincare routines: the correct five steps to completing your skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleanser
The first step to any skincare routine is to cleanse your skin. This step will effectively wash away any unwanted particles, like makeup, harmful toxins, pollutants, dead skin cells, and excess oil.

There are many excellent cleansers on the market today, but there is really nothing better than a charcoal facial cleanser. This is because charcoal draws out both debris and oil from your skin, making charcoal cleansers great for deep cleansing and detoxifying.

When looking for the best charcoal facial cleanser and face wash, trust in TruSkin. Their Charcoal Clarifying Cleanser is second to none!

Step 2: Prep and Tone
Adding serums into the mix is never a bad idea! In fact, the only bad idea would be to not have them at all! Prep and tone your skin to absorb these serums with a facial toner first, though, like TruSkin’s All-in-One Super Toner.

Step 3: Nourish Your Skin with Serums
Now’s the time for that serum action. Serums can greatly help your skin be and feel rejuvenated, nourished, fed, and protected. There are many great and helpful options out there, such as the Vitamin C Facial Serum, which is ideal for brightening, evening skin tone, and supporting collagen production.

There are also super serums you could try for super results! The C-Plus Super Serum is great for stronger results than the original vitamin C serum or the Tea Tree Clear-Skin Serum if you tend to have acne.

Step 4: Care for Your Eye Area
Baggy eyes, dark circles, crows-feet, and puffiness: the most common eye area skin issues. You can tend to these problems efficiently with proper products for around the eye skin. This sensitive skin area can reap the benefits of Eye Cream or Eye Gel.

Step 5: Moisturize
Now to end your skincare routine with some much-needed hydration! You should moisturize your skin at most twice per day (yes, even if you have oily skin!). Try TruSkin’s Vitamin C Daily Facial Moisturizer in the morning and Retinol Moisturizer at night for astounding hydration and benefits!

Now that you know every step of your skincare routine, from charcoal facial cleanser to moisturizer, you are ready to take your skin’s health to the next level. If you have any questions about TruSkin’s offerings or your specific skincare needs, email their customer service team at [email protected] Happy, healthy skin makes a happy, healthy life!

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