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6 Cool Uses for a Dummy Grenade

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Just in case you needed some clarity on the matter, inert and dummy grenades are not the same as live grenades. Inert grenades, specifically, are made to resemble the weight and balance of a live grenade, so in all respects except function they resemble them. Dummy grenades are simply grenades that are not live. They may also be weighted and balanced similarly to live grenades and often are identical in appearance as well. Some people use the terms interchangeably.

So they don’t work for their intended purposes, which are, invariably, like explosives. So what can you do with an explosive that doesn’t explode?

An Interesting Ice Breaker
Do you know someone that has a dummy grenade lying on their desk or simply as a fixture of their home? If not, then you’d be the first in your immediate circle to do so. A dummy grenade will, at the very least, turn some heads.

An Addition to a Historical Collection
Do you currently have a historical collection, or are you responsible for procurement for an official historical collection? Adding historically accurate, authentic dummy grenades, such as an MK2 Pineapple Grenade or an M67 Baseball Grenade to your collection will increase its value and make it seem more authoritative.

As an Educational Prop
Do you work in a setting where it would invariably be unwise (or patently illegal) to possess live ordnance like a grenade? Perhaps an educational prop like a dummy grenade would be a far superior option – especially if you want to demonstrate weight and handling.

Use in Theater or Amateur Film
There’s really no legitimate reason that you should be using real equipment for a film or in theater. The purpose of such ventures is to give the impression of reality. That’s why it’s called “acting.” A dummy grenade can make a useful prop in both theater and amateur film, especially if your focus is on a historical period or a setting that corresponds to their use.

Rounding Out the Theme of Interior Decor
We can’t say for sure what type of interior aesthetic would be best graced by a dummy grenade, but at the same time, some homeowners decorate their interiors with suits of armor or coats of arms. If that’s the type of macabre setting that appeals to you, then a dummy grenade or even a rifle or saber probably wouldn’t be out of place.

Training Purposes
Finally, the authentic weight, balance, and handling of some dummy grenades, coupled with the fact that they may be indistinguishable from the real thing in every aspect of form, make them useful training tools. It’s far safer to practice with dummy grenades before training with the real thing.

Now You Just Need to Find a Dummy Grenade
Looking for a wide collection of historical items that includes realistic dummy grenades and other examples of militaria, historical arms, and armor? Visit Sarco, Inc., at to learn more. They carry a wide range of dummy and inert grenades in their collection in addition to much rarer finds – and you can reach them at 610-250-3960.

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