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6 Fine Jewelry Bracelet Trends to Follow

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Completing your personal aesthetic with a fine jewelry bracelet is a straightforward way to add poise, distinction, color, and light to your overall ensemble. That’s not to mention the fact a wisely-chosen piece of jewelry can light up the entire outfit with harmony, like the icing on the proverbial cake.

Of course, it helps to be at the front of some of the top trends in the fashion industry, because they’re changing all the time. Don’t miss out on a chance to take advantage of some of these hot trends in bracelets – and then visit Korman Fine Jewelry to create the look!

The Chain Link Look
Chain link bracelets are enjoying significant popularity right now. Smaller links, perhaps adorned by gemstones (such as a chain-link diamond bracelet) can be effortlessly paired to pantsuits or the most formal evening attire. The larger the link, the flashier and lower the reserve the look; pair these with cocktail dresses or any other time you want your look to “pop”!

Bangles Are Bangin’
While most bracelets are fluid, bangles have a certain rigid design that captures attention and fascinates the senses. Bangles and cuff bracelets, whether worn singly or stacked (another hot trend, see below) are some of the most popular looks in the industry for fine jewelry bracelets at the current time. Plus, there’s just something utterly sophisticated about a diamond bangle, whether those diamonds grace rose gold or yellow gold!

Beaded Bracelets (and Pearls) Are Hot
Another trend in the industry is to pair precious metal bracelets with beads. It gives them a segmented look and adds not only geometry but color to the bracelet. Popular materials used to create beads are pearls, mother of pearl, tiger’s eye, and jasper. Turquoise stones are also delightful, but there are other popular highlights besides these!

Stack ‘Em Up
This is not a design trend so much as it is a method of arranging bracelets. Sometimes two are better than one – so mix and match to find your perfect look. One more thing; don’t fall prey to the suspicion that stacking is reserved for bangles. It looks great with them, but you can stack linked bracelets too!

We like to advise our customers to stack in odd numbers for the unique effect it produces, and somewhere between three and five is ideal – it gives the perfect Korman girl look!

Charm the Crowd
Charm-style bracelets are also enormously popular. Even those that can’t easily be customized. Designers are capitalizing on this by adding coins, beads, and other themed charms to their designs. They’re a great way to highlight an interest or a passion and make it an inseparable part of your look!

White Gold Is in!
One more thing. Even though sterling silver is popular, white gold is right up there with it. White gold offers the same aesthetic effect as silver, but it’s higher-end and never tarnishes. Whereas silver blackens and discolored with age, white gold will keep its luster forever, and will be as bright years from now as the day it first caught your eye! If you’re thinking about that look, choose the option that’ll never tarnish!

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