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6 Signs You Need an Emergency AC Repair Right Now

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The luxury of having air conditioning in your home is truly one of extreme merit. You can return to your abode knowing you can enter and escape the stifling heat from the outside. You can sit, relax, and sleep in your home at the ideal temperature for your optimal comfort.

However, no air conditioning unit is without fault or need of occasional repairs. In fact, your air conditioner may even require emergency AC repair!

Before you hastily pick up your phone and call your local HVAC repair company, you should know what signs to look out for in order to determine that you may indeed require an emergency repair. Let’s take a look at six common signs of an emergency AC repair.

1. Your Unit is Blowing Out Hot Air
Your air conditioner is meant to be blowing out cold air, of course, so if you ever notice that it’s blowing out hot air instead, this could be considered an emergency. If it is an exceptionally hot day and this is happening, this could very well be considered an emergency situation.

Another scenario would be that if you have an immune-compromised person sensitive to high temperatures living in your home and this occurs.

2. You Hear Bizarre Noises
Are you hearing some uncharacteristic gurgling or bubbling coming from your AC unit? If yes, then your air conditioner could potentially be on its way out. Strange sounds are one of the first signs of a necessary AC repair.

3. There Is High Humidity in Your Home
Your air conditioner should automatically regulate the humidity within your home when it’s functioning correctly. The normal indoor humidity range is between 30 and 50%, so if you find that your home has a humidity percentage above that when your AC unit is operating, then this might be a sign for an emergency repair.

4. There Is a Damaging Leak
Are you noticing a leak coming from your AC where there certainly should not be? Investigate this and, if it’s causing any water damage to your home, this is definitely grounds for an emergency repair.

5. There Are Electrical Issues
If you are experiencing any electrical issues that are connected with the AC unit’s power, this could qualify as an emergency. Some examples of this are dimming lights when you turn on the unit, a burning electrical smell, or constant breaker tripping.

6. You Notice Rapid and Frequent Cycles
Your AC unit should go through cycles where it cools off your home, then cools itself off to inhibit overheating. However, if you notice that it is going through more frequent or more rapid cycles than it usually does, this could qualify for an emergency air conditioning repair.

If you notice any of these six signs, then entrust Jones Heat and Air to get the job done right. They provide 24/7 year-round emergency HVAC service in Modesto, Bowmont, Caldwell, Middleton, Melba, Nampa, Meridian, Boise, and Kuna in Idaho along with Turlock, California.

Their services are affordable as well, so you can feel comfortable with both your repaired air conditioner and what you paid for it! Give them a call at (208) 337-1451 for Idaho or (209) 632-5675 for California today.

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