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A Closer Look at the Everpure H300 Filtration System

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Water quality is both extremely important and too often overlooked. That is why more and more homeowners are trying to add water filtration systems to their homes in order to have a little extra peace of mind when they go to pour themselves a glass of water. When it comes to filtration systems that are designed to perform, the H300 by Everpure is a great choice.

The H300 is one of the most popular home systems made under Pentair’s Everpure brand. As professionals in the world of water filtration, Pentair produces a wide range of water filtration systems for both residential and commercial applications. The H300 is their entry level system for home filtration that is extremely easy to use and offers great results.

The H300 is a filter that is designed to be mounted underneath a kitchen sink. The filter hooks into your sink’s cold water line and runs the water through the Everpure filter cartridge. These cartridges contain Everpure’s proprietary Micro-Pure carbon based filtration media. This material has an incredibly high surface area that is perfect for absorbing waterborne contaminants. The H300 cartridge is capable of removing contaminants from your water as small as half a micron in size!

This means that they can efficiently remove the contaminants that are responsible for foul tastes and odors in your drinking water. These cartridges can also efficiently filter out heavy metals like lead that can have negative health effects. Each cartridge is designed to filter roughly 300 gallons of water, easily providing a year’s worth of drinking water for the average household.

Water is dispensed using a small dedicated air gap faucet. These fixtures are common enough that it is typically easy to find an option that will match your current kitchen. Adding one of these faucets will require adding a hole to your sink or countertop but this is the most difficult part of the installation process. The rest of the system can be installed using only a few basic hand tools with no prior plumbing experience required. Everpure also makes systems like the PBS400 that dispense their filtered water using the cold water side of your current faucet.

No matter what kind of Everpure system you are using, maintenance is simple. Typically the filter cartridge should be replaced at least once a year to maintain optimal system performance. You may need to replace your cartridge sooner if you notice that the flow rate from the system has decreased significantly. If you notice that you have to consistently buy replacement cartridges, it is easy to upgrade your system to use a larger cartridge.

If you are interested in adding the Everpure H300 filtration system to your home, then you can find it and plenty of other great Everpure options at Their team are experts when it comes to Everpure drinking water filtration and they are always happy to help their customers find the perfect filtration system to meet their needs.

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