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A Comparison of Used i-CAT Imaging Models from Renew Digital

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Renew Digital, the leading supplier of certified pre-owned dental imaging systems for over a decade, offers a wide range of affordable used dental X-ray equipment from the most highly respected dental manufacturers, including Sirona, KaVo, Carestream Dental, Gendex, Planmeca, Vatech and i-CAT.

i-CAT, now owned by the KavoKerr Group, is one of the most well-regarded brands in the dental industry, known the world over for delivering superb-quality panoramic and cone beam images and extremely reliable extraoral dental imaging equipment. Because of their superior quality and workmanship, purchasing new i-CAT CBCT systems is a significant practice investment. New i-CAT imaging systems can cost over a hundred thousand dollars or more, putting them out of reach for some dental practices. However, certified pre-owned i-CAT models from Renew Digital can save dental professionals up to 50% off the price of new i-CAT cone beam systems, making these high-end CBCT systems more affordable for just about any dental practice.

Because most i-CAT systems look and operate similarly, we often receive questions from dental professionals about the various used i-CAT models listed on, and how to determine which product is best for them. This article will cover some of the used i-CAT CBCT systems we typically offer, reviewing both their similarities and differences.

Similarities Between i-CAT CBCT Systems
One thing that all i-CAT CBCT systems have in common is a surprisingly compact footprint. Considering the unique manner in which patients enter the i-CAT imaging system, and the fact that they are only 48 inches wide by 53 inches deep, these smaller cone beam systems can fit into fairly tight imaging spaces.

With all i-CAT CBCT systems, patients are placed in a seated position and firmly stabilized during image capture, all while facing the operator. This seated, face-to-face configuration puts patients at ease and minimizes patient movement, eliminating the risk of image retakes. All i-CAT dental imaging systems are handicap accessible. For patients in wheelchairs or those with other disabilities, simply remove the unit’s chair and wheel the patient right into the dental X-ray machine.

All i-CAT CBCT systems also include a standard 2D panoramic modality. Simply check a box in the software interface to capture a standard digital panorex. Although the 3D fields of view (FOV) included with each machine can be different, all i-CAT CBCT systems can collimate their various 3D fields of view down to limit radiation exposure to the area of interest.

Every i-CAT model also features a QuickScan Protocol which enables cone beam scans to be captured very quickly, in under 5 seconds. This imaging mode can be useful for capturing post-surgical and other follow-up scans where higher image resolution is simply not necessary; in these situations, limiting patient radiation exposure is more appropriate.

All i-CAT systems also include Tx STUDIO 3D viewing and treatment planning software from Anatomage. This powerful 3D imaging software provides a variety of tools to help diagnose and plan dental implants, endodontic procedures, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, airway analyses and more. TX STUDIO 3D software also facilitates sharing and analyzing data across a practice, as well as with patients, referring providers, and others.

Unique Differences between Used i-CAT CBCT Systems
Although all i-CAT imaging systems include much of the same functionality, software, and tools, there are several distinguishing characteristics between the various models. Below are some of the more common used i-CAT models frequently sold by Renew Digital as well as some of their more prominent features. You will note that the primary differences between them are the sizes of the included 3D field of views, although there are a few other unique distinctions, as well.

– i-CAT Precise: The i-CAT Precise is a previous generation i-CAT dental imaging system that captures standard 2D panoramic images as well as medium FOV CBCT scans, up to 8x14cm. This dental CBCT system is a good choice for general dentistry practices, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, endodontists, as well as for implant placement. This ultra-affordable i-CAT option is ideal for practices in need of medium FOV CBCT and panoramic imaging functionality at a lower price point.

– i-CAT FLX MV/ i-CAT V10: The i-CAT FLX MV/i-CAT V10) is the current generation medium FOV i-CAT model, which, in addition to a 2D panoramic modality, can capture CBCT scans up to 10x16cm. The i-CAT FLX MV/i-CAT V10also features TWAIN integration for its 2D images and is compatible with leading dental imaging software including Schick, Carestream, VIXWIN, Dexis, XDR, Dolphin, Apteryx and Eaglesoft.

In addition to the QuickScan Protocol, the i-CAT FLX MV/i-CAT V10 also includes the QuickScan+ functionality, which enables the capture of a CBCT scan at a radiation dose equivalent to a standard 2D panoramic X-ray. Like the i-CAT Precise, the i-CAT FLX MV/ i-CAT FLX V10system is a great option for general dentists, oral surgeons, endodontists, as well as implant placement.

– i-CAT Next Generation: The i-CAT Next Generation is the previous generation large FOV i-CAT CBCT system that delivers 2D panoramic X-rays plus dental CBCT scans ranging from medium 8x8cm FOV to an extended FOV up to17x23cm for full craniofacial scans. An extraordinary value, the i-CAT Next Generation is one of the most popular systems in Renew Digital’s catalog of used dental X-ray equipment.

Due to its expanded 3D FOV scan capabilities, the i-CAT Next Generation supports a wide range of dental applications including general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, dental sleep medicine, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. A preferred option for many orthodontic practices, the i-CAT Next Generation system is fully certified for compatibility with SureSmile software for orthodontic treatment planning.

– i-CAT FLX V17: The i-CAT FLX V17 is i-CAT’s current generation large FOV model and includes the widest range of cone beam field of view sizes, from a focused, single jaw 8x5cm FOV scan through expanded FOV 17x23cm scans. And, like all i-CAT dental imaging systems, i-CAT FLX V17 also includes dedicated 2D panoramic functionality. Similar to the i-CAT FLX MV/ i-CAT FLX V10, this dental cone beam system also features QuickScan+ to capture a full set of CBCT images at a dose equivalent to standard 2D panoramic exams.

Using a simple TWAIN interface, the i-CAT FLX V17 also integrates with leading dental imaging software, including Dolphin, Eaglesoft, Carestream, Schick, Dexis, VIXWIN, Apteryx and XDR. Another popular option for orthodontic practices, i-CAT FLX V17 is also certified for use with SureSmile orthodontic planning software. In addition to orthodontics, this versatile dental CBCT system supports many dental specialties including endodontists, dental sleep medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, as well as general dental practices.

Save Big on i-CAT Dental Imaging
Over the past decade, Renew Digital has installed hundreds of certified pre-owned i-CAT systems across the United States, saving dental and dental specialty practices up to 50% off the price of new i-CAT 3D CBCT systems. Their products and services are backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews and testimonials from dental professionals just like you.

Available financing options and special offers help make these used i-CAT dental imaging systems more affordable than ever. And, their low prices include installation, training, and a comprehensive onsite service and replacement parts warranty.

To get started exploring your used i-CAT CBCT options, start by visiting From there, you can review the available i-CAT systems and contact their knowledgeable sales team online or by phone at 888-246-5611. They will evaluate your clinical needs both now and in the future and find the perfect i-CAT dental imaging system for you and your practice. Get on your way to owning a certified pre-owned i-CAT dental CBCT system from Renew Digital today.

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