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A Fur Headband: The New Earmuffs

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Whether you own a few fur coats or not, everyone knows how warm, soft, and protective fur can be for the body. Other than fur being extremely fashionable and stylish, it also has a way of protecting you and keeping you warm like no other material you can find. You can easily find a plethora of different garments that utilize fur in them for the sole purpose of keeping warm. You can also find an equal amount of items that are made with fur for the sole purpose of looking fashionable.

Nonetheless, fur is a very versatile material that can be used in many different applications. If you already have enough fur coats, or they really just aren’t your style, there are other ways to incorporate fur into your wardrobe and daily outfit rotations, especially during the winter months. I’m sure if you’ve ever looked at fur accessories before, you’ve probably seen fur scarves, fur lined gloves, or even fur blankets for your home.

But, what about ditching the beanie or hat, and choosing a fur headband for those brisk winter days you need to run errands or spend it outdoors. Fur headbands are a great way to add extra needed warmth and comfort to your daily look, without having to worry about trudging around in a heavy or extravagant fur coat wherever you go.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to fur headbands, so let’s break it down. There are quite a few types of headbands made out of different types of fur out there. Some of them include fox, mink, beaver, rabbit, chinchilla, and sheepskin to name a few. If you know your way around furs, then you probably are familiar with how each type of fur will look and feel atop your head. If you’re not as familiar with the different types of fur, simply do some research beforehand to see what type of fur would be the best fit for you.

Each fur has a very different shape, feeling, hair composition, length and thickness, so it’s great to take all of that into consideration before purchasing a new fur headband. Usually when it comes to these headbands, one size generally fits all. If you have a standard sized head and can fit into many normal sized hats, you should be able to fit into every kind of these fur headbands.

If you know that your head is on the smaller or bigger side, that’s no worries! Sometimes these headbands will come with a special tie or have added velcro, so they can be size adjustable. Some furs are much bulkier than others, so if the size of the actual fur is something of importance to you, ask your fur retail associate and have them help you pick the perfect headband for you.

While you’re at it, other fur accessoires like the ones mentioned above or even things like fur wristbands are great accents to compliment your new headband made with fur. You can even find matching accessories that use the same fur to tie the whole entire ensemble together.

No matter what kind of fur you decide on your headband, you will be very warm regardless. Genuine fur is one of the warmest materials that you can find, so there’s enough warmth to go around when stepping out into the harsh winters you may have to endure.

If you’re looking for fur headbands to complete your outfit, check out the ones from Maximilian. At, they have quite the selection of fur accessories in all different types of fur.

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