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A Rhino 180 Blind and a Bog ChairPod: Two Hunting Season Must-Haves

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Do you hunt from a blind? Do you appreciate comfort in the field, as well as extended accuracy?

Then there are two things you need to get before next season: a Bog ChairPod and a Rhino 180 Blind.

Here’s what you need to know.

About the Rhino 180 Blind
The Rhino 180 Blind takes blind hunting to the next level. This 3-person ground blind is made using a unique 2-way mesh system that prevents game from seeing in while allowing you to see out perfectly with no obstructions.

It’s lightweight (16 lbs) and easy to conceal in any environment thanks to the brush-in straps at the top and bottom of the blind.

It features an oversized zipper-less door as well as an easily adjustable shooting window with “Silent Slide” technology.

It’s also built tough with reinforced stress points and triple-stitched corners. This is not your average flimsy ground blind.

It’ll also keep you dry and comfortable, as it’s treated with a durable water-repellent finish to protect you and keep you dry, as well as an antimicrobial treatment that helps inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

Offering easy setup and unobstructed views, able to keep you protected from the elements, and also lightweight, the Rhino 180 blind is a Rhino blind that hunters love and game would hate – if they could see it.

About the Bog ChairPod
If you get a Rhino 180 Blind you might as well cover the distance and get a Bog ChairPod, too. It is the perfect pairing with this sort of ground blind

The Bog ChairPod is fairly lightweight (a little heavier than the Rhino 180 at just under 27 lbs) and built tough, yet is comfortable for a full day in the field.

What it lacks there, though, it makes up for thanks to a design that is modular and easy to pack. It collapses for easy transport and to save space when not in use.

But besides comfort, the Bog ChairPod offers stability. It supports both the front and rear of the weapon and allows for bench rest accuracy in the field.

It’s perfect for hunting, too, since it offers the maximum range of motion thanks to its 360° “Silent Swivel” seat rotation functionality.

It enables smooth, fluid, silent motions and corrections – which are necessary when you don’t know when, where, or how an opportunity to take a shot is going to present itself.

Save Time, Get Them Both in the Same Place
Together, the Bog ChairPod and Rhino 180 Blind offer the best of all worlds – comfort, concealment, silent range of motion, protection from the elements, and bench rest-like accuracy in the field.

They are two of the most practical hunting accessories you can get if you hunt from a ground blind.

If you’re interested in them or want to learn more, visit Live Outdoor Sports at LiveOutdoorSports.com.

They carry these hunting accessories and countless other hunting and shooting accessories, at low prices, and offer free shipping in the United States.

Don’t wait too long. Fall is calling.

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