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A Safety Checklist for Your Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine

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A well-defined, well-established radiation safety program for your dental practice is the best way to ensure compliance with radiation safety requirements. It will include, among other things, training for all of your staff, registration of your equipment, internal hazard assessments for your dental X-ray machines, stringent, accurate recordkeeping and documentation, and, importantly, that your staff observe all of these procedures.

This checklist will help you assess the efficacy of the safety protocols and procedures developed or adopted by your dental practice for your digital panoramic X-ray machine.

Digital Dental Panoramic X-ray Machine Checklist
(Complete this checklist and keep it on file)

-Always follow all manufacturer instructions regarding the proper operation and maintenance of your digital dental panoramic X-ray machine. This includes ensuring that staff are familiar with correct exposure times, patient positioning, and other aspects of image capturing that may vary according to the system.

-Every staff member who is authorized to take X-rays must hold the appropriate, state-approved license or certificate, as necessary for their responsibilities, and in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the state and locality.

-Ensure that all staff members that capture panoramic X-ray images have been trained on accepted best practices for radiation safety, and have been instructed to follow the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Principle.

-Ensure that staff members who have been trained to capture X-ray images have been instructed to provide shielding devices to patients, as required by state and local regulations. It is important to note that only lead aprons that do not interfere with image capture should be used, in order to ensure the highest possible level of image quality.

-Any areas or rooms that contain X-ray equipment should be prominently labeled with a warning sign containing “Caution – X-ray” along with any other verbiage or signage as required by the state to promote patient safety.

-If applicable, ensure that your X-ray equipment is registered with the presiding state regulating authority or enforcement agency.

-Ensure that staff members that capture X-ray images have been properly trained on where to stand when operating the system, in order to minimize their own exposure. Be sure your staff wears the appropriate dosimetry meters, if required by your state.

-Have your X-ray machines inspected and serviced regularly in order to ensure proper, optimal functionality.

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