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About Light Efficient Design’s Advanced Technology and Lighting Solutions

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Light Efficient Design has come a long way since its beginnings in 2008. The success of their first screw-in retrofit LED replacement for HID fixtures was such a success that they quickly grew and proliferated into other lighting categories.

Today, Light Efficient Design is prided on its innovation, quality lighting products, and excellence in customer service.

Notably, the company has pioneered several technological advancements that stretch the utility of LED lighting – which by nature is already energy-efficient, long-lasting (up to 50,000 hours), and environmentally friendly – to new levels.

Here are some high-level achievements of Light Efficient Design’s products, which are native to some of their LED and other lighting products.

●Retrofit LED Light Solutions: Plug-and-play retrofit technology enables some Light Efficient Design LEDs to be used with existing fixtures, requiring no modifications.

● SuperFlex Wattage and Color Temperature Technology: SuperFlex Technology allows the operator to select the proper wattage and color temperature, making one retrofit bulb potentially useful for a wide range of applications and settings.

● FlexColor Technology: FlexColor Technology allows the user to switch between 3 color temperature settings, either inside the unit or via an easily accessible exterior switch.

● Built-In Photocells: No more timers; some Light Efficient Design LED replacements feature built-in photocells, for automatic on/off functionality based on ambient lighting.

● Fluorescent Tube Light LED Retrofits: Light Efficient Design produces a wide range of retrofits with pin bases; among these are T8 fluorescent tube LED retrofits that are long-lasting, durable, energy-efficient, and easy to replace.

●LBI (Linear Barkit Internal) Lighting Systems: The company’s LBI systems, available in 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft lengths, are compatible with dozens of accessories and can be customized for any installation; up to 40 LBI can be joined together to produce custom linear lighting solutions.

● Modular/Daisy-Chain Work Lights: Light Efficient Design produces a variety of highly practical work lights, with 6ft to 35ft cords that can be daisy-chained together (up to 6 lights) to provide high-quality LED working lighting easily and affordably.

● On and Off-Grid Lighting (Solera Solar Fixtures): The company’s catalog also contains a wide range of Solera Solar Fixtures that are perfect for off-grid applications, enabling high-quality lighting infrastructure even where no practical electrical connection is available. Hybrid and off-grid area lights are available; wall pack models are coming soon.

● Specialty Lighting: Light Efficient Design also produces a range of specialty lighting, including but not limited to UV-C lights which can be used for germicidal applications and air purification.

What Does Light Efficient Design Produce, and Where Can I Learn More?
Light Efficient Design’s name is a testament to the efficiency and practicality of the lighting solutions they produce, in the form of advanced technology, retrofits, and fixtures.

The company produces screw-in and pin-based retrofits, LED fixtures, work and post-top lighting, solar lights, security lighting, specialty lighting, and more.

To learn more about their collection, consult a provider of Light Efficient Design products, such as Products for Automation.

They carry a wide range of Light Efficient Design products and can help you if you have any questions about their products or technology. Visit their website or contact them at 800-966-2345.

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