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About the Journey Pipe: The Industry’s Best Alternative to Glass?

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Many, perhaps even most smokers, prefer the convenience and ease of use of a glass smoking pipe.

They are easy to smoke, won’t influence the flavor of your herbs, are easy to clean, and pretty tough. They’re also available in an endless array of colors and configurations, making personalization easy.

But, as easy as glass smoking pipes are to use and clean, they can still break, so you always have to take care when handling and cleaning.

For some, metal smoking pipes just represent an improvement in durability and usability – but only when you’re using the right pipe.

In a word, not all metal smoking pipes are created equal. It’s important to choose a metal pipe made of the right materials and with the right features – something like the Journey Pipe.

The Journey Pipe is currently available in 3 configurations; here’s what you need to know.

The J2 is the classic Journey Pipe and represents their upgrade over the J1. It is made from a non-toxic zinc alloy that is heat-resistant and will not alter the flavor of dry herbs.

Being made of zinc alloy, it has all of the virtues of glass and then some. It is non-absorbent, physically durable, and easy to clean.

It also produces a cool smoke, and thanks to its screenless technology, it doesn’t get clogged or produce a stiff, tight draw.

On top of that, zinc will not break or crack – no matter how hard you drop it or bang it against something.

The J2 also features a magnetic locking lid which keeps your bowl securely covered when not in use. Made with strong magnets, you don’t need to worry about the lid sliding off.

The J2, like other Journey Pipes, also features smooth, clean lines and top-tier aesthetics. It’s discreet yet stylish, and available in either black, gold, silver, or smoke and mirror finishes.

What does the J3 offer that the J2 doesn’t? Basically, a bigger bowl and a slimmer, sleeker aesthetic – which some users prefer. It’s also available with either a black or silver finish.

Last but definitely not least, the J4 offers everything the J2 and J3 offer, including the extended bowl size of the J3 – but this one features a fully-silicone coated exterior for a non-slip grip and a unique appearance. They’re available in red, cobalt, and black.

You Can Fix ‘Em, Too
One of the great things about the Journey Pipe is that the company that produces them sells replacement parts.

Not that these things are ever liable to break – they’re made of super-tough zinc alloy – but if something does happy, you can get replacement parts right from the manufacturer – and they’re surprisingly affordable.

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