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An American-made MP5: Better Than the Real Thing?

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Besides the fact that the HK MP5 is one of the most infamous subguns of all time, that’s been in service forever and used in basically every country around the world, you know what else can be said about it?

It’s extremely hard to get one here and moreover, if you can find one, you’ll need a prayer and possibly a loan to afford it.

An American-made MP5 is a legitimate alternative and one that, honestly, just might be better. Here’s why.

More Attractive Cost
Sometimes a real MP5 comes with a sticker price of close to $20,000 or even $30,000, although it’s possible to get one for less.

Still, it’s a crapshoot. Buying an American-made MP5 is not.

Get one from Zenith Firearms and it’s not a gamble. They produce them here, they have them in stock, and the price is like 10% of what it would cost to get a real one.

Easier Availability
How about the fact that it’s so difficult to get a real HK MP5 anyway? They make what they produce in a year, and then we get some of that if we’re lucky.

Hence, the market for both new and used MP5 platforms is pretty strained. That doesn’t even bring up the fact that the real MP5 is an NFA weapon.

Not particularly easy to get, for your average American.

922r Parts and Compliance
Now, what about 922r parts and compliance?

That’s a whole other hoop you need to think about jumping through. If you get a real MP5, getting parts for it can put you in a legal dilemma.

You see, you can’t just add foreign-made parts to any platform. Doing so may put you in violation of 922(r).

If you aren’t familiar with that statute, check out the link at the top of this section that covers it in fair detail.

Or, you could just get an American-made MP5. Firearms made in the United States are automatically 922r compliant (although they may still classify as NFA items/weapons, which is another, separate thing to address).

Preserving the Best Aspects, Faithfully, Down to the Details
Another thing about quality American-made MP5 platforms like the ZF-5 is that they capture all of the best aspects of the original, down to the minutiae.

They capture the dimensions, weight, and features, down to the handguard, sights, and even the roller-delayed blowback action.

They even capture surprisingly recondite details like the fluted chamber, which aids in extraction.

…and Updating the Parts That Need It
With all of that said, there are things about the original MP5 that could potentially use some tweaking.

One is the fire selector. It’s too hard to engage on the original, and much enhanced on the ZF-5.

Another is the chamber, which is not as harshly stepped as in the original, which means the ZF-5 feeds hollow points much more reliably.

Then you have the finish. Nothing says recent post-WWII Europe like stamped, matte black steel. That’s what the original shows; but the ZF-5 has a sleek, glossy, modern black finish that some users (like Colion Noir himself) prefer.

Ready to Discover the Definitive American-made MP5?
If all of this serves to convince you that there’s real value in an American-made MP5, you’re not alone. The ZF-5 is one of the most popular MP5 clones on the market and is highly regarded and reviewed by industry experts.

Want to learn more about it? Visit via the previous link or get in touch with them directly at 434-202-7790 and let them know if you have any questions.

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