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Are You Using Drill Mills?

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Milling machines are pretty incredible pieces of equipment and CNC guided machines have helped to revolutionize custom production over the past few decades. These machines are capable of performing tasks significantly faster than hand operated machines while also maintaining extreme accuracy. While not enough can be said about just how useful these machines are, one of their major downsides is that they need very specific cutting tools to complete specific tasks. That is why versatile tools like drill mills are a must have for any machinist shop.

Now there are several reasons why specific tools are used for specific tasks while milling. Milling cutters operate at high speeds and using the wrong tool for a task can have truly disastrous results. Typically completing most custom parts on a milling machine will require several tool changes to switch between cutters for rough milling, precision cutting, and finishing. These tool changes can eat into production time, especially on complicated jobs. That is why having single tools that can perform multiple operations is important.

Drill mills are one of the most versatile milling cutters because they combine the traits of both end mills and drill bits. These tools have the sharp cutting point of a drill bit while also have the sharp, side milling flutes of an end mill. The combination of these two traits means that these tools can be used for a wide range of different tasks including milling and drilling applications.

One of the most obvious advantages of these tools is the fact that they can drill holes, which is a surprisingly difficult task for most side milling tools. If you need to drill a hole deeper than the length of a drill mill, the tool’s sharp point can also be used to spot drill the hole locations for your longer bits. These tools can also be used to drill through a workpiece and then begin side milling from there as long as there is a sacrificial surface underneath the workpiece.

In addition to performing drilling operations, there are several milling tasks that drill mills can handle. These tools can side mill, though they will have a pointed bottom to their cuts. This makes them perfect for cutting v shaped notches or adding a chamfer to an internal edge. The sharp point on these tools also makes them the perfect choice for cutting standard chamfers or beveling edges. The sharp point can even be used to perform fine finishing tasks like engraving.

When it comes to choosing the right drill mills, finding tools that are designed to last is essential. Because these cutters are so versatile, you are probably going to end up using them quite a bit. This means that it is worth investing in solid carbide cutting tools that will stay sharper for longer.

Carbide tools are able to outlast conventional steel tools because they get their cutting from ceramic tungsten carbide. This material is nearly twice as strong and as dense as steel. The fine carbide powder is cemented together with a metal binder to make tools that are extremely strong with superior edge retention to metallic tools. Carbide tools can also handle much higher temperatures because their cutting power is not related to heat tempering. This means that they can outperform tools made from high speed steel alloys.

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