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Benefits of Using Employee Name Badges

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While deciding what the dress code will be for your employees, you may have considered the option of requiring uniforms for all staff. It looks polished and certainly makes the group look like a team, but it might be a bit too much for your purposes. Instead, you could try something a little more subtle, but still effective at presenting the kind of image you might want. Rather than using complete uniforms, you might want to consider including employee name badges in the dress code. Let’s go over just some of the ways this policy could benefit your business.

Mentally Clock In
A surprising benefit of utilizing employee name badges in the dress code is that it can actually help staff to get into the right state of mind to start their day at work. Some find the act of dressing specifically for their jobs helps them to get “into character” essentially. Putting on their uniform or name tags helps them to feel like they are ready for a day of work. They feel more like they are on the job when they are physically wearing something that denotes where they are and what they are there to do. You might find this helpful with your staff, especially early on Monday mornings, when they have to get back into the rhythm of the work week.

Good for Branding
Getting your employees to wear company-branded name tags could be a good move for improving the sense of branding the company has. You can design your own name badges to suit the color palette and imagery of the company, so that every time a client sees one of your employees, they catch a glimpse of this branding which can leave a lasting impression. These badges also just look good on staff, making them appear more professional and polished with a simple, small accessory. Even without a complete uniform that extends to clothing, your staff will look like a true team. This little detail might take little time to design and purchase, but it could make a great difference in how potential and existing clients see your staff, and by association, your business.

Although some businesses would benefit greatly from establishing a uniformed dress code, many would be better off with something more relaxed. Your staff members also might appreciate this option more as well since it allows them to dress as they prefer, but still in a way that is appropriate for the workplace. Overall, using employee name badges can be great for the general look of the company since staff members represent the company itself, while also being a great option for staff who will get to wear their own clothing, but still feel like they are dressed for work. There are incredible resources for creating customized employee name badges like, which gives you a good number of options for designing the badges you want. Check out their website and get started mocking up designs you might want to see on the lapels of your staff members.

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