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Best Colored Cardstock Paper for All Your Paper Crafts

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When you craft with paper, you know just how important it is to have materials of the highest quality to help you do the job, and to do the job right. You shouldn’t have to deal with low quality and unreliable cardstock paper, as that can present a number of problems when working on your project. But how can you find cardstock paper that is vibrant, durable, and even able to be printed on?

That is where Cardstock Warehouse comes in. They specialize in providing paper crafting professionals with the most high-quality cardstock paper options on the market today. They have many colored cardstock paper options that are sure to make your projects stand out.

In order to find the perfect colored cardstock paper for you and your next project, let’s have a look at the colorful cardstock paper offerings at Cardstock Warehouse.

Matte Cardstock
We all know just how classic, subtle, and beautiful a matte finish is. The matte cardstock at Cardstock Warehouse is just that, but there are a number of outstanding options for you to choose from depending on the color scheme you are looking for.

If you are opting for a solid-core, matte cardstock, there are several lines to choose from, including Colorplan, Glo-Tone, Pop-Tone, Kraft, Speckletone, Foundations, Smart White, Sirio Ultra Black and Sirio Color.

Naturals Cardstock
An important quality that separates the Foundations, Kraft, and Speckletone lines from the rest of the solid-core, matte cardstocks is that they are exceptionally Earth-friendly. This cardstock is sustainably manufactured, as they are made with both green-powered energy and recycled materials.

Metallic Cardstock
Looking for something with a bit more shimmer and shine? Then the Metallic Cardstock line is the one for you. The Stardream line in particular will add an elegant flair to any invitation or announcement.

You can choose from Diamond Print Glitter, Mirricard Mirror, MirriSparkle Glitter, and Stardream Pearlescent.

How You Can Buy Them
You may be wondering if you can purchase their cardstock papers in bulk, per sheet, or if there are other buying options available. Fortunately, the answers are yes, yes, and yes! You can purchase any of the aforementioned offerings per sheet or you can buy them wholesale, depending on whatever your needs are.

You can also purchase sample cardstock packs in case you would prefer that option. Also, there are 8.5 x 11 250-sheet mill-wrapped ream packs in select colors and weights. Can’t quite decide on which color would be best for you? You can try mix-and-matching with multi-pack cardstock collections! If you feel you need far more options all at once, be sure to investigate their bulk cardstock options.

If you are looking for the most vibrant colored cardstock paper, be sure to entrust Cardstock Warehouse to supply you with what you need. They also offer a wide range of stunning envelopes. Be sure to give them a call at 610-882-2071 with any questions you may have. Happy crafting!

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