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Can You Get a VA Medical Cannabis Card Online?

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An official Virginia medical cannabis card is required to buy cannabis products from any of the state’s dispensaries, licensed by the State Board of Pharmacy to operate the facilities.

A VA medical cannabis card may also be accepted by dispensaries in other states. While Virginia itself offers no reciprocity, 13 other states offer some level of reciprocity to holders of VA cards.

These include but are not limited to Arizona, Arkansas, California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Montana.

That said, there are also several requirements for getting a Virginia medical marijuana card. Let’s take a look at these and offer an alternative process by which you can get a VA medical cannabis card online.

Requirements, from the State

According to the Code of Virginia 54.1-3408.3, a written certificate from a Virginia Board of Pharmacy practitioner is required for possession of medical cannabis.

This certificate enables patients, as well as parents and legal guardians to possess medical cannabis.

An up-to-date, valid certificate from a board-registered practitioner is required before the dispensary can serve the patient. The certificate expires annually and must be renewed every year.

For incapacitated adult patients, parents and legal guardians can submit an application, provided they reside at the same address. Parents and legal guardians must also obtain their own board registration.

For more information on requirements, visit Virginia’s official website for the Department of Health Professions.

In addition to the previous requirements, applications for a VA medical cannabis card must also be 18 years of age, have a state-issued ID, a current resident address in the State of Virginia, and a written certification from a licensed physician in Virginia.

It may sound like a lot of hoops to jump through, but there is actually an easy (and affordable) way to get your VA medical cannabis card online. The following section will cover the steps.

How to Get a VA Medical Cannabis Card Online?

If you’re interested in getting your VA medical cannabis card online, visit

They offer a three-step process (for only $99) that is fast, efficient, and painless.

Simply get your documents in order, select a time to make an appointment to meet with a physician (virtually), upload your forms (it only takes a few minutes), and then meet with a doctor.

The telehealth consultation with the doctor is anonymous, protecting your identity, and it only takes at most a few minutes. Rethink-RX will even email you your certificate during the visit, so you can get started shopping at dispensaries immediately.

There is no faster or more convenient way. If you’ve been putting off getting your MMJ card, get your VA medical cannabis card online through Rethink-RX.

To Learn More, visit

If you have additional questions about how the process works, what the telehealth appointment consists of, or how to submit your documents, visit  Rethink Rx.

You can also contact them online for more information via the previous link. Get started with the process today; it only takes a few minutes.

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