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Checklist for choosing the best Townhouse in Calgary

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A townhouse is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance and inexpensive housing property. Since buying a townhouse is a long-term commitment, you should consider several aspects before making the final move. Below we have listed a few parameters that you must look into while choosing a townhouse in Calgary.

1. Affordability
Townhouses are known for their lower purchase cost. However, at times, some communities may cost higher than the rest. Research a little about the prices of the properties and the area where it is located.

Use online valuation tools, get comparative market analysis, or even take help from real estate appraisers to determine the price trends. You can also check the prices of new townhomes for sale in SW Calgary to get a better understanding.

2. Security and privacy
Security and privacy in townhouses are the two sides of the same coin. Since you have neighbors on one or both sides in townhouses, you will have a greater sense of security. If you are looking for an improved level of security, check if the entitled community has security gates or security systems.

The downside of sharing walls includes more noise and less privacy. Check if the house is soundproof or not, especially if you plan to rent your property someday. That is because no tenant would like to live in a noisy property or a house with privacy issues.

3. Insurance
Having insurance to cover your home can save you from unwanted expenses. Determine if the insurance that you wish to buy covers damages due to Calgary weather conditions.

You can also consider buying a home warranty to protect your appliances and home systems against unexpected breakdowns. It is important to note that old houses are usually covered by insurance and warranty. But that may not be the case with the brand-new ones.

4. Number of bedrooms and baths
While some townhouses may have two bedrooms and baths, others may have three or four. If you live alone, you may want to opt for a house with a single or two bedrooms and baths. As extra rooms can cost you more.

But if you are living with your family, it is wiser to choose townhouses with multiple bedrooms and baths. Also, check if the bedrooms are spacious and sync with your style.

5. Age of the property
Old townhouses have solid foundations, are spacious, and may be cheaper than the brand new ones but require renovations. If you are planning to move into an old house, then check the age of the property. That is because the older the houses, the more expensive it may be to renovate.

But if you have a good budget and are looking for modern designs, then brand new houses are the best bet. If you have decided to buy a brand new property, you can either take a real estate professional’s assistance or check out new townhomes for sale in SW Calgary by yourself.

Other parameters include getting your finances in order, hiring a lawyer (if needed), verifying the documents, getting the home inspected, understanding community rules, checking transportation and connectivity, checking the property’s interior, etc.

Closing thoughts
Taking sufficient time to ensure that everything is in place may slow down the home buying process, but in the long run, it can give you a sense of satisfaction and return on investment. Click here to know more.

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