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Create a Faux “Agate Stone Slice” with White and Navy Blue Polymer Clay!

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Everyone loves a genuine slice of agate, especially teal or navy blue and white agate! Today, we’re going to offer you a quick tutorial on how to create your own – with nothing but white and navy blue polymer clay!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-White polymer clay
-Navy blue polymer clay
-A clean surface
-A clay slicing tool

Making this “faux agate slice” is easy and you only need the few tools mentioned above.

If you’re not familiar with the look of sliced agate, it typically looks like a piece of glass with alternating waves or bands of color. We’re going to create those ourselves!

First, decide how many different colors you want to appear in your slice. You could simply create a slice of white and navy blue polymer clay if you so choose, but the more colors you create, the more realistic the finished product will look.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to assume you’re going to make your slide with six different shades of colors: white and navy blue, along with four shades that straddle the middle area.

Start by sectioning off a piece of white and a piece of navy blue clay. These will be your lightest and darkest shades.

Next, mix some navy blue and white clay together thoroughly to create a lighter shade. You can play with the proportions of white and blue until you have a color that meets your tastes. Then, create your other shades, playing with the inputs of white and blue until you have six evenly mixed, homogenous portions of clay, including your unadulterated white and dark navy blue portions.

Next you’re going to create a sphere using these different shades of clay. You can layer the colors in whatever order you choose, but it will look most realistic if you create a grade between them, and there is no limit on how many different layers you can create.

Start with the color you want to create at the center of the faux “agate” slice. Roll a round ball somewhere between the size of a pea. When this is evenly formed, take a portion of your next color of clay and completely cover the ball at the center with a thin layer of clay.

Continue this process, adding layers of colored clay, until your clay ball contains as many layers of color as you desire. These will, in cross section, become the layers of color in your “agate” slice.

Next it’s time to determine what shape you want the slice to be when it’s finished. If you cut through the middle of the round ball now, it will simply be a round slice when you’re finished. At this point, you can use pressure to distort one end or the other of the agate slice in order to create the shape you choose.

When this step is complete, using your clay slicing tool, slice all the way through the middle of the clay form. You will see the cross sectioned layers of color once you’ve halved the form. To complete the process, remove another slice from the edge of the clay form, which will give you a sort of “sheet” of clay.

This will be your “agate” slice once you’re complete. At this stage, you can make final alterations to the appearance of the slice or you can bake the slice to complete it – and you’re done!

If you’re interested in more tips or tricks or simply need high quality polymer clay in a rainbow of colors, visit Firefly Art Supplies online at FireflyArt.Supplies. You can also reach out to them directly at 314-762-1434. Happy crafting!

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