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Cute Ideas for Small Jewelry Boxes

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One of the fun aspects of jewelry boxes is that they come in such a wide range of styles, colors, special designs, and sizes. Fine glass jewelry boxes in particular are stunning because of the detailwork that you can tell goes into the stained glass or embossed glass panels. There are styles fit for anyone and everyone.

Small jewelry boxes in particular can be a lot of fun to own because they are so compact, but detailed and beautiful nonetheless. They are also pretty versatile due to their size and shape. Classic jewelry boxes will often consist of a single opening without smaller compartments that allow you more freedom in organizing your jewelry within them. Smaller boxes are simply easier to keep because they occupy so little space and still retain the main attributes of the larger sizes. Small jewelry boxes can actually be pretty convenient and cute to have around. Aside from the more obvious use of storing your jewelry, these little boxes can be used in other ways. You don’t have to strictly use them to just hold your rings and earrings. Here are our favorite ideas for what to do with your small jewelry boxes.

Use As a Gift Box
Seeing some beautiful small glass jewelry boxes while shopping for presents might serve as some inspiration to help you decide what you are going to do with your presents. You can make them a part of the gift packaging by using them as gift boxes. If you are getting someone something small like a piece of jewelry, you can place it inside of a small jewelry box as another layer of the gift. They get two beautiful items all in one and can use that box for their own purposes. And since these boxes are on the smaller side, they are not too pricey to make the gift go too far over the top, despite still being a very nice present.

Organize Small Items
Along with making an excellent gift box, you can use a little glass jewelry box to store other items besides jewelry. They can make it convenient for you to pick up certain things when you need them so they don’t get lost or spill easily. You can use small jewelry boxes to store tiny things like bobby pins, paper clips, safety pins, etc. This is a really elegant way of storing these small items and it just makes a prettier case than a plastic box.

Of course these are only two of the things that you can do with your small glass jewelry boxes, but you might appreciate them as inspiration to help you think of some ways that you can potentially use small jewelry boxes in your life. Feel free to get creative and think up some new purposes for these small glass vessels, either for you or for others. You can find lots of fun new ways to make these elegant glass boxes feel special. Try visiting jdevlinglassart.com to find a wide range of beautiful styles to pick out for yourself.

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