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Display Shelves for Collectibles: 4 Tips for an Attention-Grabbing Display

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Display shelves can be both a practical use of space and a useful, functional member of interior design. They can also add a little character to a setting and give you a place to display your collectibles and personal mementos with pride.

When you have a set of display shelves for collectibles like the Fancy Plus Wide Display Shelves with Integrated LED Lighting, available online at, you’re set for success.

These display shelves offer almost 8 square feet of display space, each shelf can handle up to 60 pounds, and mood lighting is built right in.

Here’s how you can put one of them to great use for displaying your collectibles.

1. Let Objects of Honor Have the Shelf to Themselves; Negative Space Can Work to Your Advantage
It might seem like placing a single collectible alone on a shelf is a waste of space, but in many ways, it’s the perfect frame.

Many collectibles and ornaments compete for attention and can even drown each other out. Negative space can frame an important curio and make it really “pop.”

Don’t be afraid to place important objects on their own on a shelf!

2. Create Colored Tiers
Color coordination is another unique way to prevent overwhelming the senses.

For instance, if you have a few books with green binding, green or blue candles, and some house plants, you might be astonished at how good they look in each other’s company.

The same goes for other similarly-colored collectibles.

3. Don’t Let the Background Compete for Attention
As a general rule, don’t overload the walls around the display shelf with frames, posters, paintings, or other hangings or room decor. These can compete with the display shelves for attention.

In the same vein, place the shelf or display case against a bare wall with nothing behind it. A backdrop might seem like a good idea, but really, it’s just more noise.

4. Prevent the Impression of Clutter
Haphazardly piling up collectibles on shelves will make the whole arrangement look more like a junk drawer than a set of display shelves.

Instead, arrange the collectibles display in complementary order. For instance, you can eliminate the look of clutter by arranging collectibles in such a manner that they are all facing in the same direction; or, alternatively, by creating symmetrical opposition (that is, facing each other).

Side note: another great tip for how to arrange decorations and ornaments on display shelves for collectibles is to use mood lighting – but luckily, with the FENLO Fancy Wide Display Shelves with Integrated LED Lighting, dimmable mood lighting is a part of the design – no extra step here!

Don’t Have Display Shelves for Collectibles Yet? Get Them Online at
The fancy display shelves for collectibles mentioned in this article and available for sale online at are created with a high-strength engineered wood, finished with an environmentally friendly UV coating, and feature sleek, slim, modern aesthetics and energy-efficient lighting.

They’re perfect for nearly any setting. Get yours today via the link above and give your esteemed curio a front and center stage in your living space!

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