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Do Variable Flute End Mills Make a Difference?

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While milling machines are amazing tools, having to deal with tool chatter can be a not so amazing side effect of operating one. Tool chatter is a loud sound caused by tool vibrations. If you are sick of dealing with tool chatter then you have probably heard about variable flute end mills. These tools are specially designed to operate at high speeds while minimizing the effects of tool chatter. But are these tools all that they are cracked up to be?

The short answer is that yes, these tools can in fact help to significantly reduce internal tool vibrations and the screeching tool chatter that can accompany them. If that is all you needed to know, then you can stop reading right now and go pick some of these great cutting tools up for your milling machine. If you are interested in learning a little more about these tools and how they work, then read on.

Tool chatter is hard to avoid. All tools vibrate at high speeds. This is because of the fact that end mills are not perfectly rigid. They all have a little bit of flexibility to them that makes it possible for them to vibrate from side to side when they reach high rotational speeds. This sideward movement can be difficult to account for when designing a tool path. This means that while the tool is cutting, it is slamming from side to side against the face or faces of the workpiece that are being cut.

These countless tiny impacts come together to form the loud screeching sound that we know as tool chatter. So how can variable flute end mills help? It’s simple, these tools are designed to be just a little asymmetrical. Asymmetry is the enemy of consistent oscillations. This means that if the tool is regularly experiencing different forces, it will be harder for it to build up the kind of dramatic internal vibrations necessary to cause tool chatter.

Because the asymmetry in these tools is only very slight, the internal forces at play become interesting to consider. A dramatically asymmetrical tool would pull itself apart from the effects of the different forces while cutting. Variable end mills are designed to be just asymmetrical enough to reduce the tool’s ability to vibrate without sacrificing its integrity. This means that they will offer the same long lifespan as other tools while operating at a fraction of the volume.

If you are tired of tool chatter and are interested in finding some variable flute end mills for your shop, then it is important to buy from a quality manufacturer. Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of solid carbide end mills and drill bits. These tools are able to handle incredible amounts of strain, easily outperforming similar steel tools. Their variable end mills are specially designed to reduce tool chatter and ensure a great finish on your workpiece. You can see all of the tools that they have available when you visit www.onlinecarbide.com.

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