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Does a Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake Make More Sense for Your MP5?

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Many MP5 clones come with muzzle devices, most typically a flash hider. It’s not entirely uncommon to find a factory HK MP5 with a flash hider, either.

But, aside from the fact that the flash hider looks cool, is it really the best muzzle device to install on your MP5 or lookalike?

Here’s the short breakdown.

An Argument for the Flash Hider
A flash hider like Zenith Firearm’s MP5 3 lug flash hider does one thing and does it well. It helps sequester expanding gasses at the muzzle and literally hides your muzzle flash. That is the purpose.

Concealing your muzzle flash has substantial value whenever the person carrying the MP5 is in a combat situation. It makes perfect sense when you need to keep hidden.

At a range? In competition? Not so much. You don’t need to keep your position concealed from paper targets.

That said, some buyers will pay a premium for originality, and if you are infatuated with the look of an MP5 with a flash hider, then have at it.

However, a muzzle brake might just be a more practical muzzle device.

Why a Muzzle Brake?
Unlike a 3 lug MP5 flash hider that obscures a muzzle blast, a muzzle brake is intended to mitigate recoil.

It does this by adjusting the manner in which gasses are ported at the muzzle. For instance, some muzzle brakes port gasses up at the top of the muzzle, which helps direct force downward.

Some muzzle brakes are so effective at this that they can cut felt recoil by as much as 50% without adversely affecting shot power.

Now, for a smooth-shooting platform with a roller-delayed blowback action like an MP5, recoil mitigation probably isn’t a big deal.

But even so, every little bit helps, and the lower the recoil, the easier it will be to keep your sights on target for faster follow-up shots.

Either Add a Muzzle Device or Cover It with an MP5 Thread Protector
One way or the other, if you determine that a muzzle device is not for your MP5 or MP5 clone, do not shoot it without a thread protector installed.

The threads at the end of your MP5’s barrel are extremely fragile. They can be damaged by fouling, scratched by sand or dust, and crushed by pressure or impact.

In addition to MP5 3 lug flash hiders, Zenith Firearms also produces MP5 thread protectors – use them if you don’t have another muzzle device installed.

Not Just for the MP5
One of the best things about Zenith Firearm’s MP5 3 lug flash hiders and thread protectors is that they are not just compatible with the MP5.

Naturally, they are compatible with their own ZF-5, but they are also compatible with other 9mm roller-delayed blowback firearms – in the case of the MP5 thread protector, barrels with 1/2×28 threads.

Zenith Firearms also produces mil-spec, cold hammer forged 4150 CMV MP5 barrels that are compatible with their ZF-5, the MP5, and other full-sized 9mm roller-delayed blowback platforms as well.

Check out their website via the above link for more information.

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