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E&L Airsoft: Perfect for MilSim?

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E&L Airsoft produces some of the most realistic AK platforms on the market today. They literally might be the best for some events.

MilSim, which stands for Military Simulation, is all about realism. The more faithfully the airsoft event can capture the immersive experience of a true combat environment, the better. Since these are often used for law enforcement training and reenactment purposes, platform realism counts, too.

So if the MilSim event you’re planning on attending has anything to do with Soviet-era politics or world policing, then E&L Airsoft is literally one of the top providers out there, just in terms of realism.

For example, consider the E&L Essential AKMS AEG with a folding stock. This thing cannot be topped for realism.

It is a 1:1 scale model compared to a real AMKS. Read that again. 1:1 scale. It’s basically the same platform, only this one shoots airsoft ammo.

Talk about quality construction, too. This E&L Airsoft AEG is made with an all-steel body with a wood handguard. (And, on that note other E&L AK AEGs are made with wood handguards and stocks. This one isn’t simply because the AKMS has a folding stock.)

It’s heavy, but it tops out realism. And, wood and steel go a long way towards guaranteeing quality, too. Polymer receivers may be tough, but they aren’t as tough as steel. Sorry, not sorry.

In addition to its realism, this, and other, E&L AK-style platforms are geared for performance. The following are a few features you can expect.

Built-in MOSFETs that improve trigger response and preserve the trigger contacts.

Version 3, full-metal, fully-upgradeable gearboxes that deliver impressive power, even out of the box. E&L AK style AEGs like this one can produce muzzle velocities scraping 400 FPS with no upgrades.

Quick-change spring systems that enable you to easily boost FPS without taking the gearbox entirely apart.

Full-metal hop-up chambers that are durable, long-lasting, and offer best-in-class range and accuracy.

One thing to note about the realism of these E&L AK-style AEGs is that they lack the “tacticool” rail space of many other AK-style airsoft rifles on the market.

This is a plus and a minus. On the one hand, they’re not optimized for airsoft attachments, but on the other, they more accurately capture the details of the real platforms after which they’re based.

And while rail space is nice, when it comes to MilSim, realism is better.

Another Good Option for MilSim: Arcturus Airsoft

If you’re looking for another producer of great MilSim platforms, check out Arcturus Airsoft. They also produce a wide range of AK-style platforms and AR-style platforms too, along with lots of other options.

They are also geared for impressive performance and have another cool feature up their sleeve.

Many Arcturus Airsoft AEGs come with variable cap mags which are ultra-realistic, as they allow the player to cap the mag at 30 rounds – just like a real AR or AK – and much better for MilSim.

Check them both out at MiR Tactical, which also offers a price match guarantee on all of it, airsoft guns included.

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