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Enrich the learning experience of your daycare kids with myriad cultural inputs

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Improving the curriculum and teaching in line with the goals of your childcare business must be an ongoing effort and part of your planning. If this happens successfully, you will see a positive scenario in your center that can attract the aspiring parents by projecting more value. Here are a few tips to improve your daycare center’s curriculum and teaching strategies with inputs from different cultures.

• Make the best use of meetings and enrolment forms to understand the learners and their families in a better way. Digging deep into the surface can help bring many things under light and develop better practices across different activities like caring for the children, greeting them, and developing the curriculum.

• During everyday interactions, use some good keywords like “thank you”, “please”, “goodbye”, and “hello” so that the children also learn how to talk politely.

• Invite some family members to contribute their talents to the children when they find time on dance, art, crafts, music and others. This will give an opportunity for the kids at the center to get exposed to their culture.

• Get in multicultural staff to teach your children so that you enrich the experience of the kids learning at your center. If you have experiences of growing up in different cultures, share them with the kids and staff. During story time, narrate stories, songs and rhymes you have gathered from your native culture as well as from other sources. The mythologies of some ancient cultures can open up their understanding to some exotic cultures too.

• Research with some interesting traditional games from different parts of the world and incorporate them into your center’s activities. For instance, some common things like clapping hands and doing some craft work in kerchiefs are part of different cultures and are done differently. You can collect some such games and give your children.

• If you are also providing meals to the kids at the center, you can introduce diverse kinds of dishes from different cultures so that the children get to know and appreciate different cuisines of the world seen on their plate. Such culinary discoveries can be interesting as well as enriching for the learning of your students.

• While developing your teaching resources, use creative use of images, toys, dolls, different skin colors and other inputs culled from different cultures. This can broaden the understanding of your children and also make the teaching process an interesting experience for them. In fact, parents can appreciate such initiatives as the children carry such learning to their homes.

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