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Everything to Know About Land Surveys

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When considering a property purchase in the scenic Okanagan Valley, it is prudent to inquire whether the seller has conducted a land survey of the plot. A land survey offers several advantages, crucial to making an informed decision and ensuring the value of your investment.

In this article, we go into the details of what land surveys are to help you get a comprehensive understanding of land surveys and their role in determining property boundaries and ensuring you receive the full worth of your investment in this beautiful region.

Land Surveys Explained
Land surveying is both a profession and a scientific discipline dedicated to measuring land areas on the Earth’s surface. It encompasses the use of fundamental principles and techniques from geometry, physics, trigonometry, and engineering to measure directions, angles, and distances accurately.

There exist seven primary types of land surveying, each serving distinct purposes and applications. These include:

● Boundary Survey

● ALTA/ACSM Survey (American Land Title Association / American Congress on Surveying and Mapping)

● Site Planning Survey

● Topographic Survey

● Construction Survey

● Subdivision Survey

● Location Survey

Peace of Mind With Land Surveys
Some sellers may intentionally deceive buyers to secure a higher price, while others may be unaware of certain aspects of their property. By conducting a land survey, you can identify various issues, such as discrepancies between stated boundaries and actual borders, easements imposed by other parties, or environmental impacts like flooding or unstable land.

Moreover, a land survey can be beneficial during negotiations. If the survey reveals problems or inconsistencies with the property, you have two options: walking away from the deal and searching for another home or using the survey findings to negotiate a better price. Undisclosed problems can devalue the property, making the seller more inclined to negotiate, especially if intentional misrepresentation is discovered. Thus, a land survey empowers you during negotiations.

Benefits of Land Surveys
● Land surveying ensures clear boundaries, preventing ownership disputes and project delays.

● Accurate land valuation supports fair negotiations and reveals factors impacting property value.

● Surveying identifies environmental concerns such as flooding or erosion, enabling informed decision-making.

● The Discovery of existing easements provides insight into land use limitations and potential income opportunities.

● Survey data aids in determining optimal building locations based on topography, terrain, and utility access.

● Promotes clarity, reduces risks, and facilitates informed property investment decisions.

Land Survey Services in Okanagan Valley
Engaging a land surveyor guarantees that you obtain accurate information about the property, enabling you to align your plans with the actual condition of the land. For all your land surveying needs, trust the expertise of Core Geomatics. Their dedicated team utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive and precise surveys for their clients. Contact them today to benefit from their reliable and accurate land surveying services.

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