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Gun Parts Kits: Not Just for Building Firearms

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While the majority of people interested in gun parts kits are probably going to assemble and customize their own rifles and pistols using the kit, an 80% lower and a jig, there are plenty of good reasons for gun owners to invest in them – even if the above is not your aim.

Before you dismiss them as inseparable from the realm of machinists and gunsmiths, reconsider the value of an investment in a gun parts kit with some of the following observations.

Keep a Kit, Always Have Spare Parts
For those of you that already have a rifle or pistol that you either use heavily in the field or in competition, a gun parts kit is a (potentially) cost effective safeguard to ensure that you always have at least one spare of any part on hand, assuming the parts kit is completely compatible with your rifle or pistol.

Most kits contain everything you need for a build minus the frame or receiver, so, for example, if you shoot a 1911 and your firing pin breaks, your barrel wears out, or your ejector fails, you can simply pop the replacement from the parts kit into the gun – problem solved.

No Need for an Official Transfer
One of the other great things about gun parts kits is that, since they don’t usually contain a frame or a receiver, there is nothing in the mix that is legally considered (at least, at the federal level) as a firearm.

This means that in some jurisdictions it is legal to buy, possess, or transport kits freely. It also means that (in most jurisdictions, again) it is simple ad straightforward to acquire one. Unlike the purchase of a piece of equipment defined by the ATF as a firearm, you can buy a parts kit without going through an FFL and without paying the fees associated with a NICS check, or wasting the time, either.

Perfect for Tinkers or for Being Prepared
Build kits also offer a lot of avenues for tinkers and custom-builders to explore. If you dabble in used guns or shoot competitively, you may find your interests becoming technical. In that event, gun parts kits contain all of the parts and some of the accessories necessary for you to make adjustments to the performance of your firearm. Barrels can be swapped out, springs added to improve cycling, or triggers replaced or adjusted. With a parts kit, there are many, many combinations of customizations you can pursue – especially if you have more than one set of parts on hand.

The other great thing about working with sundry parts kits to make repairs, upgrades, or customizations to your firearms is that it’s impossible to get so technically involved without learning a great deal about the unique specifics of different firearm actions. That experience will come in handy down the line when you have to make repairs or replacements. It just so happens you’ll also have the parts on hand with a parts kit.

Stop by Sarco, Inc.
Whether you’re looking for a parts kit for an icon like an M16 or an M1911, or you’re more interested in parts and kits for more esoteric historical models like an M1919A4, Sarco Inc., at SarcoInc.com, has everything you need – including a wide variety of parts sold on their own instead of as a part of kits.

Visit Sarco Inc., at SarcoInc.com to learn more about what they offer or what they do, and feel free to call them at 610-250-3960 or visit them at their brick and mortar location as well, at 50 Hilton Street in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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